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nova og strain seeds

Nova OG is, at the moment, one of the most potent strains on earth, tested with more than 32% THC.

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When you break the nugs apart, Nova OG offers a coffee aroma with lemon undertones.
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It induces a energized, focused, uplifted cerebral high which is followed by a deep body relaxation.
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<p>Nova OG is, at the moment, one of the most potent strains on earth, tested with more than 32% THC.</p> <p>We received an elite cut directly from Canada and crossed, backcrossed and stabilized this outstanding strain.</p> <p>Nova OG is an Indica domin

Nova OG is out-of-this-world. They were created specifically for THC-tolerant growers who were looking for a jaw-dropping marijuana strain. Nova OG has been in the business for a few years now. Not to mention, these feminized seeds take after its high-CBD parent Harlequin. This is one of those strains beginners can’t consume without taking precautions. This strain is noteworthy for providing users with an intensely energized clear-headedness accompanied by positive feelings, making it perfect for daytime and nighttime use.

The Nova OG strain has a berry, earthy and woody flavor which is strong and refreshing at the same time. The effects of the strain are that it can make you feel totally relaxed and euphoric. It brings out the creativity and makes you more social. It does not leave you stoned and couch locked so you can enjoy it together with friends in an evening party. The medical uses of the strain are to treat patients with insomnia, stress, anxiety disorders and depression.
Nova OG seeds grow lush and branched. Provided with lots of space, plant’s maximum height can reach 5-6.5 feet, but in most cases, this indica-dominant hybrid is limited to 3-4 feet. Portraying a typical indica structure, these marijuana seeds respond well to growth-control techniques and ScrOG and LST plant training.

Adam Miller – March 16, 2019 :
Growing this strain outdoor. Can’t wait to try it! Good seeds, fast shipping, for sure will order seeds again
32% THC is no joke. Nova OG is an incredibly potent strain that brings a powerful high that overwhelms users with energy, clears the mind, and improves concentration. People feel like their creative and communication skills are on a roll. Toward the end, a deep relaxing stone comes into play, which will make you lie down and simply enjoy doing nothing.
Plants from Nova OG seeds contain cannabinoids that interfere with saliva production so you’ll feel a cottonmouth sensation. Drinking water usually helps ease the discomfort but users can also choose to ignore this symptom, as it is often mild. Some people worry it will make them too tired to function. However, drowsiness is mostly caused by overuse.
Nova OG slowly creeps up on you before leaving you fully calm and pain-free. Don’t underestimate what this plant can do. An elite cut directly from Canada will send you on a journey with its sweet, fruity, peppery hit.

Seeds were packaged well. Planted them in pots. Hope they will pop soon

Nova OG seeds have strong Indica properties that make it a special hybrid strain. It is a result of cross between Jack Herer and Harlequin strains.