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Save up to 35% on Not Pot – CBD Tincture – Broad Spectrum Glow Oil – 1000mg at, the largest online marketplace for CBD & THC products. FREE shipping on qualifying orders. Not Pot is an Instagram-worthy, direct-to-consumer CBD brand that started with gummies and has since branched out into topical oils, pet oils, and muscle soaks.

Not Pot – CBD Tincture – Broad Spectrum Glow Oil – 1000mg

Your CBD oil just got a glow up. Formulated with just two ingredients—broad spectrum CBD and cannabis sativa seed oil—CBD Glow Oil is the ultimate multi-purpose CBD oil for calm minds and skin alike. Vegan, clinical strength, and nothing artificial.

Each bottle contains 1000 mg of sustainably sourced, hemp-derived CBD that’s USA grown, lab-tested, and gently extracted.

A broad spectrum of uses (pun intended). For inner calm: Consume daily under the tongue, or mix into your favorite food or drink (we like herbal tea!). For calm skin: Apply two or three drops evenly to face, décolletage, hands, cuticles, scalp, or backs of arms. Use alone, or mix into your favorite moisturizer. Rest easy knowing that our super pure, extra strength formula is free of flavorings, colorings, and additives.

Not Pot Review

If you’re on Instagram and you’re interested in weed and/or wellness, you’ve definitely seen Not Pot ads. Built around the fun, vibrantly colored packaging, a reasonable yet boutique price point, and a playful tone, the ads scream “CBD for millennials” and I couldn’t help but gravitate toward them like a moth to a flame.

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Needless to say, I was excited to try Not Pot’s CBD Glow Oil, Original Gummies, and Pet CBD Oil and thrilled to find the products (at first glance) seemed as high-quality as the ads promised. But when the gummies proved to be wholly ineffective despite being outrageously delicious, my hopes dampened a little.

The effectiveness of the Glow Oil and Pet Oil helped me overcome the disappointment of the gummies somewhat, but not enough for me to recommend this brand to everyone for everything. Depending on which product you choose, Not Pot can be delightfully useful or a ridiculously expensive treat.

The cannabinoid content of these products seems too good to be true and for some of the products, it is too good to be true. While the gummies had zero effect no matter how many I ate (and I ate a small handful because they were so tasty), the pet oil had a noticeably calming, pain-relieving effect on my grumpy old Chihuahua mutt. The facial oil, despite not having any of the added essential oils that make facial oils feel like a luxury experience, proved to be effective and likely palatable for most skin types for this very reason. All of the products I tested were in the $30–$50 range, which is reasonable compared to other concentrated products. While the oils were effective and justified their price tags, the gummies were not and effectively felt like wildly overpriced gourmet candy. If I could combine the superior flavor and texture of these gummies with the effectiveness of other products, they would easily be my new favorite CBD edible. Luckily, the oils might keep a place on my medicine cabinet shelf because they are functional, effective, and beautiful to look at.

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