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northstar auto fairbanks

“” means one building consisting of three or more dwelling units, each of which is attached to at least one other dwelling unit, by a common wall or vertical cavity wall extending from the ground to the roof and from exterior wall to exterior wall, or by a horizontal structural floor extending from exterior wall to exterior wall.
“” means the main, major and dominant use of a building or premises as distinguished from an accessory use.
“” means a structure for the support, shelter or enclosure of persons, animals, chattel or property of any kind. A building shall include such extended structures as arctic entries, balconies, carports, decks, exterior stairways, garages, porches, wannigans and windows. Where independent units with separate entrances are not joined by a common wall and/or ceiling or floor, each unit shall be considered as a separate building. This definition does not include a fence or retaining wall.
“” means a business, profession, occupation or trade, excluding commercial marijuana establishments in residential zones (RE, RR, SF, TF, MF, MFO), located entirely within a dwelling unit or a dwelling unit’s accessory building, which is accessory, incidental, secondary and subordinate to the residential use of the dwelling unit and does not change the essential residential character or appearance of such building or neighborhood in which it is located.
“” means a lot, the area, dimensions and/or location of which was lawfully established prior to the adoption, revision or amendment of this title, but by reason of such adoption, revision or amendment fails to conform to the present requirements of the zoning district in which it is located.
“” means any change in size and shape of a building.
1. Books, magazines, other periodicals, motion picture films, video cassettes, photographs, films, compact discs, slides, or other visual representations, and other materials which are distinguished or characterized by their emphasis on matter depicting or describing or relating to “specified sexual activities” or “specified anatomical areas,” as defined in this section.
“” means those individuals who are required in this title to be mailed specific notice of a quasi-judicial hearing or who provide an affidavit or other adequate proof that they reside within that hearing notification area or who timely apply to participate and prove that they possess a specific property interest that may be significantly affected by the proposed action in a way different than that of the general public. For purposes of verbal testimony only, interested persons include, when the applicant is a public entity (including an agency, political subdivision or other component unit of the public entity), the citizens of that public entity.
“” means a composite of the Fairbanks North Star Borough (FNSB) comprehensive plan, all accompanying maps, charts and explanatory material adopted by the FNSB assembly, and all amendments thereto.
Northstar auto fairbanks A. Rules of Construction. The language set forth in the text of this title shall be interpreted in accordance with the following rules of construction: 1. The word