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northern storm

Northern storm

10U – Tier 1: Machine 08
10U – Tier 2: Storm 10U
12U – Tier 1: Storm 06
12U – Tier 2: Snipers
14U – Tier 1: Tommy Chicago 14U
14U – Tier 2: Storm 14U

Storm 2005 Boys
– Champions BBTB
In line with Wisconsin and Minnesota Distance Learning directives, we are canceling the May 28-31 Battle by the Bay boys and girls tournament dates, and looking to reschedule for later this summer/fall (late July, August or early September).

Storm 10U Girls
– Champions BBTB 10U Tier 2
All practices/tryouts and or events are suspended until further notice. Please contact coaches for any future dates.
Storm 06 Girls
– Champions BBTB 12U Tier 1
– 3rd place Finnesota Cup
At this time, all May 1st installment payments are being canceled.
Storm 2007 Boys
– 3rd place BBTB
– 3rd place Spring Stampede
– 4th place Wings Showdown

If you have Northern Storm jerseys or socks you would like to add to the exchange please email [email protected] with details (size, number, color(s), etc.) and preferred contact information.

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