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northern lights smell

Northern lights smell

Blue mystic produces a clear headed high that is slightly euphoric and is great for helping relieve stress and depression.

The auto-flowering version is a shorter, faster-growing plant – perfect if you’re looking to control smell.
The effects of this strain are very strong and will really pin you to the sofa.

Please let me know in the comments if you purchased any of these low smell strains and how you found controlling the odor!
Another short growing plant for urban growers, Polar Express will grow to a maximum of 80cm. This plant produces very dense buds and has a neutral smell when flowering.
There are several ways to control the smell of cannabis in your grow room ( more on this later in the article ) However, selecting a low odor strain is a great starting point.
1. Pick smaller strains
To most growers, the pungent, delightful smell of healthy buds is an enjoyable experience.

The musky cheesy aroma that this strain produces is where it got the tasty name. Northern Cheese is another strain that will give you a very heavy stoned feeling – be prepared for a dream like daze after your toke.

Looking for the Best Low Odor Strains for your grow? Look no further as I reveal the top 10 best low smell strains for a stealthy grow!