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nitrogen toxicity in flower

Plants need a lot of nitrogen, especially in their vegetative stage of growth. Most of the time it’s hard to give them too much, but every now and then you can get too excited and flood your nutrient reservoir with excess nitrogen.

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Vegetative Stage

  1. Extremely dark green leaves
  2. “Burning” of leaf tips, causing them to turn brown
  3. Some leaves turning yellow, due to abundance of nitrogen but lack of other nutrients

If your garden passes all of these checks, it’s very likely you have a nitrogen toxicity problem and you can move on to treatment and prevention options.
During this stage, your plant will feast on nitrogen as it develops the stems, roots, and foliage to support energy production during flowering phase. Almost any type of hydroponic nutrient will do well here. If you are looking for recommendations, both General Hydroponics FloraNova Grow and Dyna-Gro Foliage Pro are great options.

  • Dilute the solution with fresh water, being sure to calibrate your pH afterwards
  • Change out your nutrient reservoir completely with fresh water and nutrients

These symptoms are exacerbated if the pH of your solution is off or if you are over or under-watering your plant. All of these cause your plant to stress easier, making the effects of too much nitrogen more pronounced.

Flowering / Blooming Stage

Nitrogen toxicity is a common problem for beginner hydroponic gardeners. Learn its two causes, how to diagnose it, and how to treat and prevent it for good.