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nirvana seed shop

Nirvana seed shop

Even before Nirvana Seeds was a gleam in their founder’s eye, he had acquired years of experience working in several of the most respected grow shops in Amsterdam. Call it an unfair advantage or a smart move, but those years positioned Nirvana Seeds to be a leading force and a frequent winner at Europe’s most competitive events including the High Times Cannabis Cup, the Highlife Hemp Fair and Expogrow.

The creation process of Lemon OG Haze Autoflower started with the pairing of original Haze 13 and Lemon OG, a mix of Las Vegas Lemon Skunk and OG Kush. In the second phase, the result was then crossed with AK-48 Automatic. Lemon OG Autoflower is sativa-dominant, finishes its life cycle in 6-8 weeks from seed, and yields up to 325-425g/m². Uplifting Sativas are blended with OG Kush.

  • Highlife Bio Cup 2002, 1st Place

Mellow they may be, but lazy they are not. This innovative canna-company doesn’t just sell some of the most popular cannabis seeds on the planet, they also offer their customers the finest nutrients and soils you can find in The Netherlands or anywhere else. Plus, they’ve even developed an entire line of hemp products including wine, beer, liqueur, vinegar and iced tea.
White Rhino (feminized) by Nirvana Seeds is a hard hitting, very suitable for medicinal use, member of the White family. The weed has a slightly harsh, hashy flavour and works best enjoyed through a bong. Lets your mind fly while your butt is nailed to the couch.
Raspberry Cough by Nirvana Seeds is the perfect plant for growers with little space, because the plants barely branch and grow like one long central bud. This member of the White family grows red hair and delivers a strong, cerebral high.
Way back in the 1970s, the history of Nirvana’s Haze began in the foothills of the Bay Area, California. Haze has fluffy buds and an unusally long flowering period. Haze #1 is a stable crossing of Columbian, Mexican, Thai and Jamaican cannabis, making it a magical marijuana mix.

Short for Indica Crystal Extreme, ICE lives up to her name with one of the thickest layers of frosty resin you’ll find on any strain at Nirvana Seeds. That makes her a favourite for extract fans, but everyone will appreciate her heavy, couchlocking stone and mentholated, pine-sol aroma whether they’re into dabs or dried flowers. ICE is a high yielder inside or out, in soil or hydro, and she absolutely loves SOG.

Nirvana Seeds has their roots back in the late 1980s. Nirvana Seeds is known for their top quality hybrid cannabis seeds and extensive range of products.