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Whales and Watty originally responded to this by pledging to stand up to Gorilla Glue Co. They feared that a win for Gorilla Glue Co would open the floodgates for any corporation looking to sue or shut down small producers for trademark infringement. As they saw it, Dove Soap and Dove Chocolates could co-exist without lawsuits or one brand worrying that the other’s name would lower their value to their shareholders. Since consumers could tell the difference between chocolate and soap, it stands to reason that they’d be able to keep a construction-grade epoxy and a marijuana strain separate in their minds.

Josey then lost all the originals that he had planted. However, his friend Marrdog had kept some of the seeds, which he planted the next year during a joint grow. While all but one of the resulting four phenotypes that sprouted were reportedly outstanding (#3 was the “runt of the litter”) #4 was the clear winner.
Gorilla Glue has been using this trademark for about two decades and has invested a lot in building the brand,” Gorilla Glue Co’s attorney Thomas Hankinson wrote in a statement, adding that this family-owned company owed it to their stakeholders, customers, and employees to protect their brand from association with marijuana or anything else untoward (or widely loved by a large swath of consumers.)

Saturday November 23, 2019
According to the details of the 2018 settlement, GG Strains had two years maximum to shutter its website as well as remove the word “gorilla” and any image of the lowland forest ape from its packaging. Any purveyor of GG Strain’s products must also do the same.
According to GG Strain’s Founders, Joesy Whales and Lone Watty, the origins of GG4 happened when some Chem Sister that Joesy was growing hermed (became both male and female) out, pollinating its neighboring plant, a Sour Dubb and Chem Diesel mix.
Incredibly resinous with dark green flowers and bright orange hairs, GG4’s namesake comes from its sappy, over-productive trichomes. They are notorious for clogging up their trimmer’s scissors, gluing them together much like a popular brand of epoxy. GG4’s dense and potent trichomes also give GG4 its average 27-30% THC range.
GG4’s stellar reputation has also been backed up by cannabis judges across the world. So far the GG4 strain has racked up a Michael Phelps amount of awards, including:

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While it’s still commonly known as Gorilla Glue, the official shift from Gorilla Glue #4 to GG4 (and GG5 and GG1) came about when the makers of the adhesive Gorilla Glue noticed a new strain with a very familiar name rising in popularity. The epoxy company’s lawyers sent a strongly worded missive from their headquarters in Ohio demanding that GG Strains give up all rights to the name Gorilla Glue, which rightfully belonged to the twenty year-old Gorilla Glue Co.

Gorilla Glue #4 can be found from the menus of Amsterdam’s hash bars to the menus of Ontario’s Recreational shops, and in plenty more locations (whether sold legally or otherwise.) Let’s learn a little more about this classic strain.