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napali pink strain

Napali pink strain

The Nepali Pink strain produces buds that have tan and gold pistils poking out from its light green buds. They’re generally shaped like arrowheads and have a thin coating of trichomes that further lighten its tones.

Nepali Pink is a sativa-leaning hybrid that surprisingly produces balanced effects; calming and relaxing both body and mind though some users report experiencing a boost of energy. Its buds are shaped like arrowheads and often have lighter tones, with a delicious scent and taste that might remind you of mango guri guri.
What does Nepali Pink mean?

The scent of Nepali Pink is similar to passionfruit or mango with a hint of mint as well.
What does Nepali Pink smell like?
Nepali Pink is a cross between Afghan Pink OG, Hindu Sun, and Powerline.
Nepali Pink THC levels often fall around 20% with some batches reaching just above this number. Its dominant terpenes are myrcene, pinene, and caryophyllene.
What effects does Nepali Pink have?

What does Nepali Pink taste like?

The Nepali Pink cannabis strain is a sativa-leaning hybrid, often emitting a delicious scent similar to mangoes or passionfruit. There’s a hint of mint in its scent and flavor as well, with the sweet essence of guri guri on the exhale. For those of you that don’t know, guri guri is a Hawaiian…