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mr nice seeds bank

Mr nice seeds bank

Great and robust cross between an ancient Afghani and the notorious Skunk #1.

The regular Critical Skunk by Mr. Nice is a very aromatic and high yielding niece of the Critical Mass, a variety that took the European stoner community by storm. It is the perfect choice for novice growers who want a heavy plant within a relatively short period of time. In an indoor plantation one can expect 650-800g/m² after only 6-8 weeks of flowering, depending on the phenotype.
The regular NL5 x Afghan by Mr. Nice is a highly sought after variety for medical patients who seek both flavor and potency in a product. Nevil and Shantibaba combined different Afghan land races and by doing so, they created a compact plant with a short flowering period, strong flavors and an end-product with a strong Indica punch. Expect 500-750g/m² after 7-9 weeks.

The regular G13 Haze by Mr. Nice is precisely what her name suggests – the result of crossing a G13 with a Haze. Nevil and Shantibaba did it again; they created a great variety for medicinal users. This strain is for the experienced grower and prefers to root in a bio or hydro set-up. Grown indoors you can expect a yield of 500-750g/m² after 9-11 weeks of flowering.

  • 1995, High Times Cannabis Cup

Multiple award winning and legendary crossing between a famous Northerns Lights, an original Haze and a Skunk.

  • 1997, High Times Cup, 1st prize Hydro Cup
  • 1998, Cannabis Cup, 1st prize Cannabis Cup
  • 1999, Cannabis Cup, 1st prize Cannabis Cup

Mr Nice Seeds is the Amsterdam-based company of the famous Shantibaba. Zamnesia offers numerous strains from Mr Nice Seeds, which will all rock your mind.