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mr delivery reviews

Mr delivery reviews

“The subject says everything. DON’T HIRE THEM. Last friday was our scheduled moving day and we got some surprises. The company contracted by Reliable Van Lines didn’t comply with what with previously talked about. We tried to call the head of. ”

You can lookup federal corporations by name in the Corporations Canada online database.
You can get a free moving quote from registered movers with our moving cost estimation tool here.

When you’re facing an imminent move, there is never enough time to do all the things that you want and need to do, is there?
MR Delivery has registered their account, so they will be able to see and respond to your reviews publicly.
Generally, all businesses have to register in the province or territory in which they do business.
Fabian Andrews said: “Royal Canadian Van Lines service quality was more than expected. Packing and loading was smooth and rate was good too.”
When looking to hire a moving company from Ontario, you may want to lookup your company in the provincial register Business name registration, Ontario.

Before hiring a moving company like MR Delivery you should generally make sure you are dealing with a legitimately registered business. Some moving companies are incorporated in a specific province or territory and others are federally incorporated.

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