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morning glory seeds ebay

Morning glory seeds ebay

A concerned woman saw you could buy the seeds easily online

She claims she has flagged up how dangerous the seeds could be to eBay on December 23 and December 29, but said the seeds were still available to buy on the morning of December 30.
“I then projectile vomited all over my nice duvet set.”

A spokesman for the shopping site said: “Items that contain LSA are not permitted on our platform.
Speaking to the ECHO, she said the seeds contain LSA (also known as Morning Glory Seeds) and have similar qualities to LSD drugs, which could make people “have a trip”.
One customer wrote: “I ate eight seeds by mistake and couldn’t breathe properly.
A 44-year-old woman from Merseyside, who has asked to remain anonymous, said her boyfriend bought the seeds easily on the shopping site , but his reaction was so severe he needed medical attention.
She said an ambulance and police had to be called to help.

A spokesman for eBay said the listing was removed in the afternoon on December 30 and it is taking enforcement action against the seller.

A concerned woman saw you could buy the seeds easily online

Morning glory seeds ebay

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THEN I researched him and found that he had been keeping a LOT of peoples’ money and sending nothing, for some years.
“Water Spinach” = Ipomoea aquatica (semi-aquatic sub-tropical crop, invasive in warm-wet climates)
“Water Morning Glory” = “Water Convolvulus” = “Swamp Cabbage” = “Chinese Spinach”
Indonesia: “kangkung” or Kang Kong
Thai: “phakbung”
Mandarin: “kong syin tsai” (hollow heart vegetable)

Probably, if you know the SPECIFIC vendor you are buying from, they could be great. But just because they spout some charming popular rhetoric doesn’t mean that they BELIEVE it, or that they aren’t glib crooks.
My experience with him, eBay and “etsy” (that name may be wrong) convinced me to stick with “real” vendors whose business plans include SATISFIED customers. It seemed to me that eBay was set up EXACTLY for cheating vendors like him, and for customers who don’t want any recourse if they buy from a lying thief. YMMV, and a lot of people do disagree with me about eBay.
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The first time, I got the seeds – great, considering that they are barred from import to the USA because they would be invasive in southern FL.
Twice, from the same vendor, a few years apart (but he was not part of eBay, so this may not be a directly relevant answer. I do know many people who love eBay.)

I would avoid him even though he had a lot of variety advertised at one time.
(I am VERY slow to forgive someone deliberately tricking or taking advantage of me.)
Sandy Lao

Thread in the Ask a Question forum forum by RenaeC: Has anyone bought seeds off of sites like ebay? Have they grown for you?