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monster cropping cannabis

Monster cropping cannabis

Now, you simply switch back to the light cycle you prefer for vegetating your clones, meaning 18/6, 20/4, or 24/0. You don’t need a lot of light intensity at this point. CFL’s with a daylight or “cool white” light spectrum get the job done. If you remove buds of your clones at this point, they will revert into the vegetation state.

Monster cropping is a relatively new training technique and is also known as Flowering Clones. It works from the phenomenon that clones taken from a flowering plant grow extremely bushy when they are reverted into vegetation phase. Monster cropping can also be successful when growing outdoors, or in a greenhouse.
Learning how to monster crop can be beneficial if you want continuous harvests without having to keep a mother plant. Clones from flowering plants produce branching monsters.

If you are not familiar with taking clones form cannabis plants, it’s better to do some reading about this topic before experimenting with Monster cropping. The main difference is that you take your cuttings while the plant is in flowering, and not in vegetation.
The second huge benefit of Monster cropping is that clones, taken from flowering plants, grow extremely bushy. They form tons of nodes and side branches.
If you grow cannabis, following situation might sound familiar: There is not a single cm² in your tent(s) that is not effectively used by your plants to collect all the light possible. Some plants are in vegetation state, a few plants are in flowering, and there might be one giant mother, taking up a lot of room, energy and air.
If you grow autoflowering varieties, it’s best to keep the stress to the minimum. The life cycle is usually too short to give the plant enough time to recover and still finish with the desired quality and quantity. All kinds of Low Stress Training (LST), like leave tucking, Super Cropping (bending branches) or SCROG (Screen of Green) can be very beneficial when growing autoflowering strains.
One of the main advantages of Monster cropping is that growers don’t necessarily need a mother plant to ensure continuous harvests. By simply taking clones from your plants that are already been put into flowering, you can send all of your plants into flowering phase, and then take the next generation of clones from them. This method allows you to use the space, light and air, your mother plant normally needs, for the production of delicious buds.

The optimal timeframe to take your “Monster-Cuttings” is around 2-3 weeks after switching to 12/12. When you see the formation of the first buds, it’s time to take your cuttings. Place them into a glass of water for some time to ensure that no air to enters the vascular system.

This new training method is also known as flowering clones. Monster cropping induces heavy-branching, high yields and continuous harvests.