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mk ultra marijuana strain

Mk ultra marijuana strain

The warning label on this stated one would be glued to the couch for a while, ain’t no joke. Takes all the pain away, I have a broken back, crippling pain disappeared for many hours with so very little. Knowing full well you can’t move off the couch. N!CE.

Very impressive high. I was a little concerned when the info posted said ultra-cerebral high. My experience is a much more calming effect, very reminiscent of the Indica strain that it is. Couch lock in full effect as the high creeps up. I get the dry eye, but not so much the dry mouth feeling. Great strain and added to my favorites list for sure!
Just tried this for the first time and I love it, perfect for relieving stress and pain.

Some of the best weed I’ve grown so far. Very strong, mellow high. One of the easiest strains I’ve grown as well, and grows naturally dense buds without nutrients or high wattage lights (last cycle mine was set to 400W for two that were very large for my grow space and most of the buds were very dense). Cures like a dream. I plan to grow this strain for a very long time.
Beautiful trichomes pungent sweet smell a most cheeselike! Effects strong and sleepy. Just the way you’d want an indication. Five stars
I feel my body melting like butter as I try and walk. My mind 🧠 maybe is slowly getting more chill but my anxiety isn’t really changing in the first minute or so. Slowly getting better. At about ten minutes in the Anxiety is also now melting away. Already showing great potential. It’s kind a hard to concentrate your eyes 👀 on one thing without them blaring are kind a looking for the a bit. Definitely a good dose for relaxing 😎 and dealing with posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms. Maybe use a little bit less if looking to go out and do something 🏃 I do feel that this is so far in 15 minutes a good medicine for an all day mood and anxiety management method. I truly feel it in your body and mind as things start to slow down in a good way and you’re able to process things better in a more relaxed fashion. Possibly thinking that this would be great for the majority of the day truly is very strong and very heavy but works very well as now as I am writing this anxiety has basically completely melted away. I highly recommend this strain MK Ultra Tincture for anyone dealing with any type of PTSD or anxiety disorders. 😋 Use & 20 minutes later anxiety will be melted away it’s truly amazing I think I found one of my new favorite strains 💨 U aren’t necessarily stuck to a couch
This weed tastes great. No, It is less filling. No, It tastes great. And I am feeling no pain.
I get my MK Ultra from Aurora Cannabis and its always on dry side like Blue Dream . it ranges in THC from 19-25%. in the lower end THC spectrum it has a pleasant mild flavour and is a great strain to get u to the hard stuff for sleep. when at the highest end ( my last batch was 24.6%) taste is almost non existent almost chemical and not pleasant

Mk Ultra is a 💣 skunky, earthy tasting flower. Great dense, frosty nugs that has a beautiful fragrance upon breaking up! Great indica dominate effects!! Unc Med always with 🔥🔥

MK Ultra is an Indica dominant medicinal marijuana strain that has ultra-strong cerebral effects. It is created by crossing the Indica variety G-13 and sativa variety OG Kush. It is an indoor plant with an average yield and a short height. It has a leafy appearance that is green in color with hue…