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Practical, problem-solving learning

In this section
MK:U will be a destination for continuous engagement, enabling outreach into the local community. It represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for partners and sponsors to work together to create something powerful and unique – a new model university for the 21st century.

Designed with business, for jobs

  1. Sustainable and innovative higher education, based in Milton Keynes
  2. City centre knowledge quarter with striking and innovative buildings
  3. A distinctive teaching and research portfolio
  4. An institution engaged in the development and growth of Milton Keynes as a smart city
  5. A distinctive student-centric teaching provision and career-based learning

Like the city itself, MK:U will be different by design. Content and course design will be distinctive, as will the delivery mechanisms:
Professional skills at the heart of the curriculum
In the framework above, “personal development”, “business awareness” and “working effectively” are key skills which will be delivered and assessed throughout the early part of each degree. The skills curriculum will culminate in a substantial project (‘professional project’) which will consolidate the technical and professional skills acquired throughout the entire degree programme.

MK:U is planned to be a new model university for Milton Keynes, designed to meet urgent technological and skills gaps.

Milton Keynes University will address the employment needs of organisations serving national and international market sector needs