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mj seeds canada review

Mj seeds canada review

I have ordered twice from mjseedscanada. The first order came with no issues and with the amount that I spent I received 10 free seeds. Since I paid with cash they also sent 2 extra seeds of the strains that I purchased as well. In total I purchased 4 strains on my first purchase and have frown approximately 20 plants from them with every seed planted growing into a really nice plant. The second order didnt arrive. After 3 weeks and 2 emails they resent more seeds. As per the first transaction I paid cash and also received extra seeds. Of the 2 strains that I purchased on my second transaction I have planted 10 seeds and this time only 8 have grown into big plants. I am very happy with customer service, and the quality of their product. The germination rate is well over 80% and every plant I have grown has turned out beautiful. I just wish that they would get more Girl Scout Cookies in stock.. 🙂 I will definitely be staying with mjseedscanada as my seed supplier!

Out standing.Sent cash.GDP,maui wowie,alaskan thunder & haze.I plant into soil. 85% germination. (17 out of 20) Gave 20 to my friend 16 out of 20.Outdoor growing north of 46th and almost in the 47th paralel.All my plants flowered sooner than i expected and sooner than the seed company said.Ive been outdoor growing since the late 70s.Good smoke from Northern maine.
Poorly run company with poor product. The manager called me directly threatening me with physical harm. Total waste of time. Not much in this circus but a bunch of clowns. Save your money and patience; go elsewhere.

First time buyer, from any site. Glad I went here first just because it all worked out. fast shipping and I had a tracking code the entire time.
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Seem to have no qualms about passing off old, un-viable seeds. Had 3/12 pop. Terrible. If you call be prepared for attitude from some stoner brat. They got me, but I wish you better luck.
Ordered march 28th 2017. Its now April 14th and havent received anything yet.They said 3 to 7 days in the ad. now theyre saying two weeks or so. First and last for me.
Quick & stealth delivery. Quality was as good as European seed companies. The Acapulco Gold Feminized Autoflowering worked very well. All germinated & individual plant quality was better than my European purchases. I got a good batch. My order arrived in less than a week to Central US. I like more variety but I was pleased with their company & effort. Peace

Thanks and good luck.. Be careful who you by from.

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