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michoacan marijuana

Michoacan marijuana

Overview: Chapita de Michoacan is a fast growing productive hybrid that has been cultivated through the past decade in areas of the Sierras of Michoacan and Sinaloa, Mexico. A new release seed strain by the breeder Cannabiogen. Chapita de Michoacan is an easy to grow strain that appreciates a small amount fertilizer and careful watering. Discreet odor. Stimulating effects.

Overview: A “new” old strain, Ogre Auto is a long-awaited re-release of the best selling Secret Citrus Auto x Durban Skunk hybrid by the Joint Doctor. Now all of the Joint Doctor’s Lowryder-based autoflowering seeds are re-branded under the name Doctor’s Choice. Ogre Auto seeds grow into sativa-dominant autoflower plants that stretch up to 70-110 cm. and form big fat resinous buds. Good for most climates indoors, outdoors and greenhouse growing. Lemon, fruity flavor and high 15-20% THC content. Cheap seeds.
Overview: The New strain just released by Humboldt Seed Organization is a high-yielding, hard-hitting indica-dominant hybrid bred in collaboration with Sherbinski, the creator of Sunset Sherbert and the world-famous Gelatos line. Sherb’s Girl Scout Cookies cut and a special Larry OG were crossed to make The New strain. The unique 80% indica plants produce highly resinous sweet, fuel-like buds that give a deep relaxing effect. The New strain is suitable for growing both indoors and outdoors, the plants can reach over 12 feet tall and produce more than 3 kilos each. High 28% THC levels.

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Overview: Fro-Yo Auto is a brand-new strain by G13 Labs, an autoflower hybrid made from Sunset Sherbet and GSC with the subsequent crossing of a ruderalis strain to provide the autoflowering qualities, Fro-Yo Auto grows into a potent purple strain high in resin production. Suitable for cultivation both indoors and outdoors, the plants reach a height near 100 cm., or a little taller. Fro-Yo auto buds taste fruity, earthy and woody with balanced cerebral and physical effects.
Overview: Rare Hindu is a new strain by Rare Dankness, bred between the landrace strain Hindu Kush and an OG #2 male. The indica-dominant plants makes sweet, earthy, resinous buds reminiscent of Kush strains. Rare Hindu is a medium to high-yielding strain to grow indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse. Frosty, sugar-coated buds that give calm, serene and relaxing effects.
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Overview: Nerds OG is a candy flavored OG strain by Badger’s Dank, bred between Cherry Pie OG and Goji OG. Nerds OG is a beautiful 50-50 indica-sativa that develops a solid structure of very dense buds. Sweet, pungent aroma of Nerds candy and cherry pie. Potent, uplifting body high. A great new regular seed strain to grow in 2020.

Overview: Auto Kong 4 is the newest release of the Chong’s Choice line made in collaboration with Paradise Seeds. This new autoflower strain is part of Tommy Chong’s personal line of cannabis products. Derived from a back-crossed original Gorilla Glue #4 cutting and Pandora Auto, subsequent back-crossing gave birth to 2 potent phenotypes, one indica-dominant and the other sativa-dominant. The indicas are more on the sweet side, staying short at just under 4 feet tall, and form up bulkier than the 5 foot tall sativa phenos that are closer to the original GG#4. THC levels are 16-20%. Effects are racy, euphoric and relaxing.

We got 20 new marijuana strains from 20 different breeders to make this list of the newest 20 best weed strains to grow in 2020. Brand-new sativa, indica