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michigan compassion club list

Michigan compassion club list
It is very difficult to ignore a group, and a well organized campaign to bring dispensaries to your community to serve your needs is the best way to avoid being forced to leave your community to obtain your medication.
Provisioning Centers/Dispensaries provide medication for patient. A variation is a Farmers Market. These are currently illegal under the MMMA, but legislation is going through that would legalize them, possibly as early as sometime this year.
You are not alone in your suffering, others have been there before, use their experience to help determine what strains/types of cannabis will help your problem. You don’t have to suffer alone, others have been there before and can help you. Compassion Clubs can give you a sense of community as you explore medical marijuana
The Provisioning Center Bill allows LOCAL CONTROL for licensing of dispensaries. This means that your community leaders decide how many (if any) dispensaries will be allowed in their community. They decide what the rules and regulations will be. They need the input of the community to make these decisions. They have to know there is a need, and what better way to present that need than local political action by an organized compassion club.

    • Compassion Clubs have many caregivers as members, people that are known and can be vouched for as opposed to getting a stranger off of Craig’s List

There will be a simple form to fill out to provide us with all the information to set your page up, and you will have control of your page. We are happy to use our webmaster resources to keep it running smooth and allow you to concentrate on the message rather than the website.
A Compassion Club is a Support Group for Patients providing:
We are developing an organized website to bring all Original Compassion Clubs in the State together on one page. By going to one internet address, you can find a summary of what each is doing, with links to their main pages and forums. Compassion Clubs without an organized, professional looking website will be able to have a website free of charge and maintained.
Original Model Compassion Clubs do NOT provide medication, they provide education, they allow members of the group to exchange experience with strains for particular symptoms/grow tips and fellowship among those with a shared history of illness- much like a cancer or a crohn’s support group. But one of the most important features of a Compassion Club is local political action to protect the rights of patients in a particular community.
Yes! We still need Compassion Clubs in Michigan. Where are they? Why should I join one? Dr. Townsend and Denali Healthcare are here answer your questions