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metal grinder with kief catcher

Metal grinder with kief catcher

When it comes to kief collection, we think this K-Brand Grinder with Kief Storage Chamber takes the cake. (Check out the full review above.) It has an unusually large kief storage chamber. Some reviewers say it allows them to save up kief for an entire year, until they’re ready for a kief-heavy bonanza.

If you don’t care to separate your kief into two different chambers, you don’t need to keep the second screen and chamber on there. You can downsize this grinder simply by unscrewing the third chamber, and screwing the grinder back together. Either way, you’re probably going to enjoy that kief at some point.
(Still, don’t expect it to hold more than an eighth of ground herb.)

Others note that your herb must be completely dry — otherwise, be prepared to use a poker to stick some crumbs through the holes.
This design has clear plastic windows, so you can see how much herb you’ve ground up. The ground-herb chamber is also pretty large. (This is taller than some models, so even though it’s only 2.5 inches in diameter, it can store quite a bit of dried herb.)
Grinders are particularly critical for anyone using a vaporizer. Vaporizing, unlike traditional combustion, can only access the surface area of the bud. That’s why you want to grind your herb into a fluffy, homogenous pile before vaporizing it — to maximize surface area. (Check out our guide to the best weed vaporizers).
It comes in a wide variety of colors. This would make a great gift for the person with hand or wrist issues, who also loves nifty gadgets.
The best weed grinder will help you enjoy your cannabis more fully. Whether you’re rolling joints, packing bowls, or using a weed vaporizer, a grinder can help you make the most of your supplies.

It also has transparent “windows” surrounding the kief collection chamber. These allow you to view how much kief you’ve already collected — and whether you’re ready for your kief bonanza yet.

The best weed grinder will make toking a breeze. Want the best weed grinder for kief, or the best for vaporizers? Discover the best grinder brands available right now.