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medijuana strain

Medijuana strain

Since 2012

Tel: +43 (0)660 120 3737
The publisher issues the German Medijuana since 2012 which became the German area’s most significant panel on the medical cannabis topic. In cooperation with local NGOs and activists we try to share the most important information on the therapeutic use of cannabis with as many people as possible. We try to reach people who are not in contact with cannabis’s recreational or medical use through personal stories of cannabis patients. Instead of biased or fear driven opinions we share evidence based information with to obtain that the use of cannabis become a common thing for the society and for the health professionals. The more authentic info we have about cannabis and the more we know about it, the more the hemp is present in our lives, the more we feel its importance and usefulness. There are many of us who deal with this topic in the German region. The magazine tends to strengthen the voice of these people and organizations.

Tel.: +43 (0)660 120 3737
Medijuana Publishing GmbH
Anrissenweg 6. I./1b
A-2345 Brunn am Gebirge
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MEDIJUANA magazine is available
in Poland since 2019 in Polish

MEDIJUANA magazine is available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland since 2012.

Medijuana is the Nr. 1. Medical Cannabis and Harm Reduction Magazine in Europe. Our magazines are available in German, Czech, Polish and Hungarian language.