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medical marijuana strains for ms

Medical marijuana strains for ms
One common theme of MS symptoms is pain. In one study, 55% of those polled had “clinically significant pain” at some time, and 48 percent were troubled by chronic pain.
MS patients go through intense pain and other adverse effects on their bodies. With cannabis, however, many symptoms become lessened, or have even entirely gone away in some cases. Of course, everyone’s body is different and cannabis affects everyone differently. But for those suffering from MS, cannabis is a virtually risk-free option worth trying.
Living with MS means that your body is fighting itself constantly. This leads to intense inflammation for many patients. Inflammation affects the neurons in your brain and spine with the worst swelling. It often leads to a range of pains for a patient including a loss of energy to a decline in motor skills.
However, cannabis has made significant gains in the health and wellness community in recent years. Today, marijuana and its byproducts are seen as potential life changers for millions of people across the world. In the United States, MS sufferers are beginning to find out what cannabis can do for them.
The National MS Society claims that, “studies have suggested that clinical depression—the most severe form—is more frequent among people with MS than it is in the general population or in many other chronic illnesses.” In fact, depression is common in many diseases and after other major medical procedures such as a heart attack. Feeling down or hopeless, as well as a lack of interest in the world around you, are common signs to look out for.
A 1997 study found that 112 regular marijuana users with MS reported a decrease in the pain and spasms. In the 20 years since, the science community has increasingly warmed to cannabis as more findings become available. Dr. Thorsten Rudroff, a Colorado State University neurophysiologist told the Huffington Post that, “Our experience here is that these patients reported less pain, less muscle spasticity compared to other patients with multiple sclerosis.”
With its numbing qualities, sufferers can feel reduced nerve and muscle pain as well. Another benefit of Sour Diesel comes from the strain’s penchant for making people sleep, which helps some get through the night easier. Though, others have reported that Sour D eases their pain while keeping their energy levels intact.
Critical Mass is an indica known for not being particularly potent. However, its initial effect should be an effective pain relief for patients. It will keep you high without an aggressive comedown. Those looking for severe pain relief might want to look elsewhere. However, for lesser MS pain, Critical Mass can be a viable option.
Cannabis, in this case, is less of a proven solution. Conflicting reports over the years debate cannabis’ effectiveness. While the science community continues its research, some doctors are moving forward with prescribing marijuana.
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