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mattyb smokes weed

Mattyb smokes weed

For some reason, Matty’s tweet quickly became a meme, and it has already been liked almost 100,000 times and retweeted almost 70,000 times!

Others changed the text to something more offensive.
Unfortunately, most people were being rude about it. A top tweet posted this (fake) Photoshopped image of him holding a bag of weed and a suspicious drink.

He later revealed that his parents have officially grounded him. He held up a piece of paper that announced that he was being barred from using the internet. Matt apologized to his fans, and told them that he was going to give a full explanation soon.
Many haters jumped on the chance to bash him.
We hope he’s okay!
Troublemaker: MattyBRaps was sent to the principal after causing a mess. (Photo: Instagram)
This is not the first time the 13-year-old has gotten into trouble. He often feuds with grown adults on Twitter and enjoys a good cross-generational Twitter fight.

Many Photoshopped their own images into his card.

MattyB (Matthew David Morris) is currently suffering from a punishment after he was sent to the principal's office. This is not the first time the 13-year-