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mary chino strain

Mary chino strain

Lemon Garlic OG sounds absolutely terrible. I hate that this strain sounds like a pasta dish. The story behind it is much more enticing. Lemon Garlic OG was bred from select True OG plants for more than 6 generations. That means they didn’t integrate any other genetics, but chose within the natural genetic diversity of True OG plants. “OG” actually means “ocean grown”, not original gangster. It has some Afghani heritage, and was cultivated in California. True OG has a flavor profile of pine and citrus, and Lemon Garlic OG added a garlic element. This is a relaxing indica-dominant hybrid that has been noted for great mood-improving effects.

Sweeties is an attempt at the next great strain. It crosses The White, Tahoe OG, and GSC. Those are all modern, fashionable strains with good moderate hybrid effects. One thing I love about this strain is the spectrum of color. The sweet flavor profile of the strain is met with lovely deep purple and vibrant orange hairs. The White linage shows with the dusty white appearance of the leaves. It is appetite stimulating, which is common for strains with such high potency.
This strain made me feel very activated and aware of sensations. Everything felt beautiful and satisfying. Textures felt really good. I was very aware of how things felt on my skin. I felt much more focused, and my thoughts slowed down. ADHD wise, that’s great. I was able to think clearly and write for a while.

Fire OG is actually a very lemony strain. I remember it didn’t sell well at all at the store. It isn’t a very flattering name. “Fire” is such a slang word for “good weed” so it sounds like it’s braggadocios. I’ve seen it bred into much more interesting strains. It seems to add a potency element to the strain. The White seems to be a well balanced hybrid. I haven’t personally tried it, but I have tried many strains that are bred from it. They tend to agree with me. I like a well balanced hybrid that treat stress well.
Lime 43 is bred from Fire OG and The White. Their names are so ambiguous, I wouldn’t have reached for them if they weren’t renamed “lime”, which sounds so much tastier. It really satisfied my need to have tasty weed. I hate boring tastes! Diesel, stale skunk, or just too earthy strain smells are not that interesting or indicative of a strain that would agree with me. This strain reminds me a lot of my favorite candy, Sour Skittles! It has that sharp, almost bitter sour profile with a sweetness. I would think that it was related to Zkittles if I hadn’t already heard what it was made of.
I feel like it has been a relatively slow month for cannabis. I got swept up in changing jobs, so my focus wasn’t on the changing strains on the menu of Seattle’s pot shops. I usually try to stay in tune by visiting a few different shops around the area. Fweedom, a shop on Aurora, is a great little shop with a very nice industry discount. I was so surprised that it wasn’t as dim and warehouse-like as the other stores on Aurora. I went to a store a year ago on the same block where I literally got chills from the creepy atmosphere. The prices were actually great but I skedaddled without buying anything. Fweedom is actually pretty cute inside.
Lime 43 is a great strain if you’re into that sweet and sour terpene profile. The name “lime” doesn’t come from their cross strains, just the flavor. It comes from the strain Orange Juice Bud, bringing lemon-lime diesel type flavors. This strain leans indica 60/40, but feels much more like a sativa.
The cute, tasty strains I got at Fweedom: Mary Chino Gold, Lime 43, Hindu Zkittles

I went to Fweedom in Seattle. They have really nice budtenders. Their descriptions of the products are always detailed and sound well informed. I had a conversation with someone about how he felt bad that they couldn’t really adequately recommend sativa strains because they give him anxiety. It’s so nice that he had that consideration. He said he relied on his coworkers when people wanted to talk sativa. Between that dude and his coworker, I was able to find some very tasty new sativa hybrid strains.

I feel like it has been a relatively slow month for cannabis. I got swept up in changing jobs, so my focus wasn't on the changing strains on the menu of Seattle's pot shops. I usually try to stay in tune by visiting a few different shops around the area.