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marijuana strains for adhd

People who are diagnosed with ADHD often have difficulty learning new tasks and focus on activities. A constant, stress-free environment is the ideal setting for patients with ADHD. This will ensure that patients are able to concentrate on tasks at hand and be productive at home or work.

Over many years, the use of medical marijuana has greatly expanded. Decades ago, we knew very little about the therapeutic effects of cannabis but now research has greatly improved our knowledge about this lowly crop.
Green Crack is a potent sativa with an energizing effect. It can lead to a happy, uplifted trip which enhances your focus and concentration. This strain can be used to improve stress and anxiety and can block pain so it’s effective for headaches, muscle pains, muscle strains, back pain, and various types of chronic pains.

Harlequin is a sativa strain with calming effects plus cerebral focus. This is a sativa with a high CBD content. It is a good strain to use especially when you find it hard to concentrate. If you feel that your mind is too crowded and you just can’t concentrate on your work, Harlequin can help you relax and feel happy.
Before, cannabis users mainly used CBD strains for the treatment of different medical conditions. However, there are studies that claim that both indica and sativa strains can help with the symptoms of ADHD. Studies also point out that hybrids are more effective treatments.
This sativa usually has a 5:2 ratio of CBD: THC, therefore, you must expect euphoric stimulation along with its therapeutic effects. Harlequin is a natural relaxant plus will give you uplifting, happy and focused effects.
Snoop Dogg, rapper, actor, businessman, and marijuana advocate has dubbed this strain Green Crack because of its very stimulating effects. Green Crack can enhance your senses and bring out that creative side in you.
Sour Diesel can make you happy and uplifted; you can forget all your worries and racing thoughts when you use this strain. It can enhance energy and focus so you can finish projects on time. And aside from ADHD, you can also use this strain to deal with anxiety, stress, depression, and fatigue.

You can also take advantage of Harlequin’s natural therapeutic properties. It comes with potent analgesic effects that can deal with headaches, muscle pains, muscle strains, chronic pains, and post-surgical pains. It is also effective for nausea, vomiting and poor appetite.

Suppress restlessness and control impulsive behaviors with the right strain! Check out this article – Sativa or Indica for ADHD: Choosing the Best Strain to Treat ADHD.

Which strain of marijuana is the best for your condition and how to get the dosage right?

Finding a perfect strain is never an easy process and it usually takes some experimenting.
Sometimes it’s difficult to identify the disorder since it’s hard to draw a line between what’s normal behavior and what’s a symptom of ADHD/ADD.

Sadly, Dr. Jensen’s didn’t manage to persuade the Congress, so we’ll still have to wait for more “research” to prove all the benefits of this great herb before it becomes an official treatment for ADHD.
These types of drugs increase focus but decrease relaxation. Depending on the person, they also have a bunch of side effects, like appetite reduction, nausea, abdominal cramping, and insomnia.
On the other hand, if you are after more calming effects and something to use in the evening, stick to indica dominant strains. Top rated indica strains are Bubba Kush, Afghan Kush, Blueberry, Master Kush and Northern Lights.
Some strains are known to increase appetite, so they can reduce those annoying side effects of ADHD drugs.
GG is one of the most potent strains on the market and its THC levels can go up to 32%. Gorilla Glue #4 is an indica strain which provides a very clear mind and a relaxed body effect. It’s not recommended for use in the morning, but more at night for cooling down. I do not advise beginner users to start with this strain, as it is quite strong and potent.

Dr. Bearman focused his research on the connection between cannabinoids and dopamine regulation in our body and found a potential solution.

Discover how cannabis relieves ADD/ADHD symptoms. Latest research and a list of best strains for ADHD. Learn how to help your loved ones today.