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marijuana grow shed

Marijuana grow shed

In order to set your grow room up properly, we’ve decided to cover it in this post; we’re going to go over the absolute basic materials needed to set up an indoor grow room. Get everything set up without needing to spend too much money.

Once you know where you’re going to be setting up your ventilation system and how you’re going to be supplying fresh air, you’ll need to install the extractor fan and inline fan, if you’re using one.
Growing indoors requires quite a lot of electric devices that need to be turned on and off at specific times; you’ll need to use a timer system in order to keep them working properly. The best way to do this is to get a full controller system that allows you to program everything on the one system.

You should try and place it somewhere that you can get to easily while also keeping all of the cables in order. We recommend installing a fire extinguisher above the controller in case of emergencies.
You may have other options though, depending on the size and set-up of your grow room. Most rooms used for growing only have one window, although if your room has a different set up, feel free to make your own extraction system, this is just the simplest set up.
You might have just the right temperature for growing cannabis, although humidity levels will probably be much too low for cannabis plants to grow properly during their first few weeks. This is due to the fact that you’re growing in a large room; it can be complicated to maintain the temperature and humidity at the right levels when compared to growing in a grow tent.
The amount of lights and their wattage has a direct impact on the strength of your extraction fan and inline fan.
Extractors can be noisy and cause vibrations that can travel through the wall and floor, which can be heard from other rooms and floors. You’ll need to use a soundproofed box in order to avoid this. It’ll have to be attached to the ceiling, and you can use a frame designed for this purpose or a chain system using rubber rings which stop vibrations from travelling up through the ceiling.

When it comes to the inline fan, if you’re going to use one instead of just using a passive intake vent, it’ll need to be on the other side of the room in comparison to the extraction fan. You’ll need to place it down low. If possible try and use some sort of cushioned base to avoid the vibrations travelling through the floor.

If you want to grow cannabis indoors but don't know how to build a grow room, don't worry! We've designed a guide to show you what you need & how to use it

Marijuana grow shed

Here is a quick sketch of the 12 x 16 shed.

Here are the things that I won’t be changing so that you can help me figure out the other variables I am working out.
I was wondering about your watt/sqft.. I run 1000Watt in 4×4 footprint when I want to grow big monsters. This is to keep lots of light all the way to the outside of the footprint. I never really ran 600watt but do you think they will have enough power to get to the edges? Maybe overlap them would cover more and save some room ?

Will need a drying room as I plan to keep the flowering room on a 8-9 week cycle and constantly full of flowering plants.
Vapeman here about to step up to the big leagues (well in my opinion, this might be small sized to some of you).
Only have 1 run of hydro experience so heavily want to go soil with this. Plus if I am just flowering it takes a little bit away from hydro as from what I understand the biggest plus of hydro is quicker veg times.
The layout looks pretty good to me Im not sure if Id change it much.. I been running hydro for years and to be honest I notice a big difference in flower as well from soil.. I find I get more overall growth and yield between the hydro and soil girls. I was running them from clone to 12/12 no veg time in SOG method. I run 50 plants in 5Gal soil less mix vs 50 in hydro flood and drain. The hydro would always seem to pack on more weight and always just overall looked better so I eventually stopped soil altogether. Because you have hydro experience maybe this is something youd want to consider. In the end I was running RDWC with 9 plants under 2 x 1000Watt lights on both sides of room. I kept a 4×6 space for mother and veg and I would veg them for 4 weeks and i would do a cycle every 4 weeks like this. Running like this seems like a bit of work tho because every 4 weeks give or take youre always harvesting cleaning cutting and planting.
I live in the Pacific NW so I get soggy Winters but typically not a lot of snow, in the Summer it is typically between 80 and 95 or so.

Using 6 630w CHM lights for flowering room.

Hey All, Vapeman here about to step up to the big leagues (well in my opinion, this might be small sized to some of you). I have the opportunity to…