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marijuana breeders

Marijuana breeders

1.) Barney’s Farm

But in some ways, things have changed.

We are the face of the cannabis community. When people think about legalizing cannabis, they’re looking at our actions. As growers, every one of us has a responsibility to represent the growing community in a positive light.

2.) Dinafem
Potency – THC & CBD content, plus does it have the described effects?
Example of a Durban Poison plant that was grown under CFLs. Excellent yield for such low light levels!
Example of a Tangerine Dream bud
Many growers ask me about high-CBD auto strains. In addition to high-THC strains, there are finally a few high-CBD auto strains available. For medical users, autos can be a great choice, but until now, there haven’t been a lot of options that are high in CBD.

If you’re interested in growing an auto-flowering cannabis strain, I recommend getting your strains from a reputable breeder who has years of experience developing autos; a breeder who has already created several generations of well-received auto strains.

Ever wonder which cannabis breeders you can trust? Learn about 5 established breeders which have won several awards and earned a great reputation over the years…