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mamiko seeds

Mamiko seeds

Fire Afghan Cookies by Mamiko Seeds is now available online in the Alchimiaweb feminised seed catalog. This new and potent hybrid is based on Afghan Fire OG, a cross made by Mamiko Seeds during the very beginnings of the seed bank. They crossed [. ]

Mamiko Seeds invites you to discover Sour Cookies, a creamy and sour variety now available online in the feminised cannabis seeds collection at Alchimiaweb. One of the most popular clones in Europe, the Riri Cut of Reservoir Seeds’ Sour Diesel, has [. ]
The Spanish seed bank Mamiko Seeds was born in 2012 and offers hybrids based on US elite clones, with a work mainly focused on the Girl Scout Cookies Forum S1. Discover now in the feminised seed catalogue of Alchimiaweb.

Mamiko Seeds presents Accord (Amnesia Cookies), now available in Alchimiaweb’s catalogue of feminised seeds. Discover this cross between the Dutch coffeeshop classic Amnesia Core and the famous US elite Girl Scout Cookies. We can expect vigorou [. ]
Sister Cookies by Mamiko Seeds is a 70/30 Indica – Sativa cannabis hybrid, now available online at as feminised seeds. Sister Cookies by Mamiko Seeds, Chemdog x GSC hybrid This is a hybrid between Chem’s Sister (a Chemdog phen [. ]
Mamiko Seeds are proud to present Pure Kush Cookies, a new Indica-dominant hybrid with a happy effect that’s now available in the Alchimiaweb online catalogue of feminised cannabis seeds. This exciting cross between the legendary L.A. Pure Kush clon [. ]
In the Mamiko Seeds catalogue you can find the Cookies collection which includes more Indica crosses with the Pure Kush Cookies for example, but also hybrids with more Sativa character like the Amnesia Cookies or the Sour Cookies.
Mamiko Seeds offers their vision of the world famous Girl Scout Cookies, now available to discover in our online catalogue of feminised seeds here at Alchimiaweb. The S1 reproduction of the Girl Scout Cookies Forum clone has allowed Mamiko Seeds to [. ]

The real work of the cannabis seed bank Mamiko Seeds truly began in 2013 with the first crosses on a Girl Scout Cookies Forum S1. Following the success of the first hybrids, Mamiko Seeds have continued working with the GSC to perfect this type of crossbreeding.

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