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male preflower cannabis

Male preflower cannabis

What they found is that a marijuana plant will stay flowering as long as she gets 12+ hours of darkness on a regular basis. The length of day period didn’t seem to matter at all. In fact, you could give plants 12 hours of dark followed by 24 hours of light, on a regular basis, and plants would continue to flower as long as their darkness was uninterrupted for 12 hours at a time.

The first stage, “Vegetative” begins when they first sprout, at the beginning of their life. Most growers give their plants 18-24 hours of light a day during the vegetative stage. When a plant is about half the final size you want it to be, you should change it over to the “Flowering” stage.
Take a clone from the unverified marijuana plant, label both the clone and the mother plant so you know which clone came from which corresponding mother. If you don’t label them clearly, then all your effort will go to waste! Once the clones have established roots, change just the clones into flowering mode by providing them with a light schedule of 12 hours on, 12 hours off

A vigilant grower can carefully watch their plants and remove males when they develop the first signs of pollen sacs.
Quick Key to Light Schedules For Photoperiod (Non-Autoflowering) Strains
If you see wispy white hairs appearing on your plant like the ones pictured below, then you know you have a female plant.
I tend to set my timer in flowering to shine line from 7pm-7am. This gives me time to check on my plants at night when the lights first come on, and I can also check them quickly in the morning before I go to work. It also keeps things cooler since the lights are on at night. Some people (like myself) also get discounts on electricity that’s used at night. But ANY 12 hour dark period will work, as long as you prevent your plant from getting light leaks during their “night.”
You don’t have to wait for the flowering stage! Below we’ll share two tactics growers use to identify gender in the vegetative stage.

  • 18-6 – 18 Hours Light / 6 Hours Darkness each Day
  • 24-0 – 24 Hours Light / 0 Hours Darkness each Day
  • Flowering – Indoor cannabis plants on this light schedule will start growing flowers (buds)
  • 12-12 – 12 Hours Light / 12 Hours Darkness each Day

Male vs Female Cannabis Plants Marijuana Life Stages & Cannabisplant sex Yes, marijuana plants show gender, and the cannabisplant sex matters a lot to the grower. That’s because only