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malana cream

India has an ancient cannabis culture – Shiva, a Hindu god whose wife, Parvati, has lent her name to this valley, was a lover of cannabis. Some states have government-licensed cannabis shops, and bhang (edible cannabis) is consumed liberally during the festival of Holi. But its cultivation or sale without a license and its general use are illegal, per a 1985 narcotics act. A few local politicians have spoken in support of legalizing and regulating the cannabis trade in Parvati Valley, but very little has happened in terms of drafting a law.

The villagers believe that they have pure Aryan genes and that they are descendants of Alexander the Great’s soldiers. Malana’s god, Jamlu, forbids them from eating, staying or marrying outside the community. They do not like outsiders touching their things. One woman shrank away as a visitor to the village picked up a fallen piece of wood for her.
Everywhere in the remote Parvati Valley in Himachal Pradesh, the fame of Malana Cream – the local hashish — is a double-edged sword. It gave 16-year-old Dayal a livelihood after his father died six years ago, but it also took away a lot of his childhood.

“I have been caught twice by the police while trying to smuggle maal (stuff) out of Malana,” said the hashish dealer, who asked that his full name not be used. “But I still go there because tourists pay the most money for it.”
While there have been some police raids in these parts, locals say that the cannabis business has flourished with official complicity and bribes. India’s soaring economic growth may not have trickled up these hills, but government and police corruption certainly has.
“I want my children to have a good life, a good house,” said Tumal Devi, as she sewed a purple and red shawl for herself. “Like they show in TV soaps.”

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A majority of people in the area are employed in the cannabis trade or in the narco-tourism business. “Some parents here tell their kids to work in the farms, rather than go to school,” said Preet, who asked that his full name not be used, as he rolled a joint.
So farmers here toil on the wrong side of the law, earning a pittance for what they produce, while the dealer in Goa or the cafe in Haarlem rakes in the money selling hashish from this beautiful valley.

“It takes us a lot of pain to get food products up here,” said Hiroo, who runs one of the handful of Malana’s eateries selling overpriced noodles, dumplings and bottled water.

A remote Himachal Pradesh community famed for its hashish draws tourists from around the world.

Malana cream

The Malana Marijuana has a peppermint kind of smell with a mix of burned wood.

Apart from THC content, Malana Marijuana is also known for its good oil content. The quality of a cannabis is also decided on the percentage of the oil the stuff has. And it is said that this charas has one of the highest oil content among all other stuffs, making it in the menu list of many Amsterdam Cannabis Cafes.
In Malana: $16 In Delhi: $40 In Goa: $70

The normal cream will make you lazy and dumb. After smoking the regular joints you will just find a corner, sit there and do nothing. Whereas with Malana Hashish, you become more happy and energetic. You will be able to do your work and anything that you want.
THC stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol and is the primary ingredient in Cannabis or Marijuana which produces euphoric effects if taken orally or smoked. The THC content basically administers the quality of the cream and how high will you get after injecting it in your system. According to studies, it was found that Malana cream has a THC content of 30–40% which is comparatively very high. As a normal Marijuana has a THC content of only 05–08%.
Summary: Today with this article, I will tell you each and everything that you want to know about Malana Cream. This guide will give you a detailed idea on Malana and its famous cream. I will also tell you how to identify this cream and also its pros and cons. So keep reading.
A few years back, no one knew about this small little hamlet in Himachal. But with the emergence of media and also due to this Malana cream, the village has become a popular tourist destination among stoners all around the globe.
Cannabis is kind of a religion for Malana locals. Unlike other Himachali villages where the villagers grow vegetables, Malana only grows one plant i.e. the famous Malana Cannabis. You can see small cannabis plants everywhere. Plus the village is also known for its large stretch of cannabis fields grown near the village. So the livelihood of these villagers basically depends on the cannabis farming and the money they get after selling their stuff.

Malana Cream and Kerala Gold are the two quality names among an Indian stoner or a hash hunter. While the latter is hard to find but the former one is easily available in one of the beautiful Himachali villages name ‘Malana’.

Summary: Today with this article, I will tell you each and everything that you want to know about Malana Cream. This guide will give you a detailed idea on Malana and its famous cream. I will also…