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making a homemade pipe

Making a homemade pipe

  • Any variety of apple
  • Knife, stick, key, or screwdriver (anything that can carve a hole)
  • A lighter


  1. Prepare the bowl. Create a small bowl out of aluminum foil. It should be small enough to fit in the tissue paper roll’s diameter. Poke three small holes at the bottom of the bowl to allow smoke to travel to the main chamber.
  2. Position the bowl. Cut a small hole in the far end tissue paper roll enough to fit the aluminum foil bow.
  3. Secure the bowl. To avoid spilling its contents, use adhesive to keep the bowl in place.
  4. Begin smoking. Sprinkle some dried cannabis herbs onto the bowl and light it up. Smoke through the other end of the tissue paper roll.

The steamroller makes use of discarded paper towel rolls as its main smoking chamber. It is easy to make and equally easy to use. Because it is made of paper, it does have the propensity to burn easily.

  • Starburst candy (or any soft, taffy candies in rectangular packages)
  • Stick
  • Gloves

A homemade pipe boasting of a sweeter and fruitier kick has taken the social media by storm. In particular, this candy pipe has mostly appealed to the younger generation. Not only is it appetizing but also cheap to make.
Compared to other homemade pipes, the liquor bottle bong is one of the more difficult and costlier ones to make. It requires a specialized drill that can bore a hole through the glass and an already existing glass bong stem. Once created, it can be used for a long time making it one of the longest lasting DIY pipes.


“If there is a will, there is a way.” For as long as there is the desire, or the need to use cannabis, there are limitless ways to fashion a homemade pipe.