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make pipe

Make pipe

Finally, you’ll need a small square of tin foil. This will act as your gauge and will prevent any ash from being sucked through the pipe.

It’s not just bananas that can be used to make a homemade pipe. Many other fruits and vegetables also serve as good candidates for such a project. If you have no bananas in your kitchen, try some of these other fruits and vegetables.
The only next logical step in this situation is to head to the kitchen and see what the fruit bowl can provide. If you have any bananas that aren’t overripe, you are in luck. Learn how to craft this carbohydrate-rich food item into a ready-to-use pipe.

Choose which side and end of the banana you want the bowl to be carved. Use the knife and carve out its initial shape, removing the section of peel. Next, use the small teaspoon to begin carving out an upside down dome shape.
We all know fruits and vegetables are a fantastic source of nutrients. Sugary fruits even make a refreshing and hydrating snack when the munchies kick in with full effect. However, did you know that certain fruits and vegetables can double up as smoking apparatus? Tropical, tasty treats such as bananas happen to be the perfect length and shape to be used as pipes. We’ve all had that moment before a long awaited smoke session when we realise that we have no papers to roll joints, no bongs or pipes laying around, and no vape pen at our disposal. It’s times like these when creativity and innovation are required.
Apples are common in almost any kitchen. Although they are much more firm than a banana, it’s still more than possible to use similar tools to carve out the bowl. Making the tunnel isn’t as easy, so you’ll need a firmer tool such as a screwdriver.
First thing’s first, banana selection! You don’t have to be too fussy here. The important thing is to avoid overripe bananas that have excessive black spots or patches on the skin. These will be extremely mushy inside and will just create a mess. Choose a semi ripe banana that is either entirely yellow or still slightly green.
A small teaspoon is the first tool of choice. These nimble little spoons are ideal for carefully carving a bowl out of one end of the banana. This small hole will eventually be the vessel for your bud just before blazing it up.

Next up, you’ll need either a wooden skewer or a plastic (or stainless steel) straw. These long and thin devices are perfect for creating the airway within the core of the banana to enable the smoke to be drawn through.

Fresh out of rolling papers? Fear not! Head to the kitchen and grab a banana! It just so happens fruit and veg are ideal for pipe making.