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make a bong

If your container has a mouthpiece that’s well away from the bowl, proceed to the next step. If there is no pre-established mouthpiece, add another hole near the top of the bottle, far enough to avoid inhaling bong water later. You can add another pen to create the mouthpiece or just take your pull from the hole you just created (if you do decide to add a pen, remember to seal it off).

Finally, add enough water to cover the base of the lower pen (this is called a stem). You can also add an additional hole as a corroborator to help clear the chamber of your water pipe, just be sure you can plug it with a finger and that it is far enough away from the water to avoid leaks.
Y ou’ll need more than just a sack of weed if you want to smoke marijuana. At minimum, you’ll need a lighter and something to smoke it out of, too. But what happens when you’re out and about with no papers and no pipe? Just make your own water pipe of course. All you need is an old bottle and a few household items.

Monday December 21, 2015
Next, slide the pen into the hole until it is just a few centimeters from the base of the bottle. Secure the pen in place using your adhesive. Make sure you have a tight seal by blowing into the mouthpiece. If you can stop air flow by plugging your finger over the pen opening, you’re good to go.
If you’ve added a carburetor, release your finger from the hole a few seconds before your lungs are full to clear the chamber of what could become stale smoke. If there is no carb but you need to clear your chamber anyway, do so by blowing through the bowl rather than the mouthpiece to avoid bong water showers.
After you’ve completed your water pipe, it’s time to grind your weed, pack a bowl and spark it. Take your hit by inhaling through your mouthpiece at the same time that you burn the bowl. The smoke will filter through the water, fill up the bottle, and ultimately find its way into your lungs.
A water pipe (or bong or bubbler) is an easy way to filter some carcinogens out of combusted marijuana. Though there are plenty of places where you can buy your own pipe, why not tap into a little stoner-inspired creativity and make your own?

Whether you’re traveling light, smoking on the cheap or just broke your favorite glass piece and need of a quick replacement, a DIY water pipe is a quick and easy solution. Here’s how to make your own.

Have weed but nothing to smoke it with?! Want to get a little creative? Make a water pipe!