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luv chicken booster seats

Luv chicken booster seats

The booster cushions are recommended for children ages 2-7 and essentially give a child the little bit of height they need at a table without the constraints of a traditional booster seat. It has a non slip bottom side and can be placed directly on a chair. There are no straps or buckles which is why the seat is recommended for kids over the age of 2 and that is also what makes it so appealing to little ones seeking independence.

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The cushion comes in a variety of adorable prints and looks far more chic at any table than some of the other booster seats I have had. I quickly learned that wiping it clean was a breeze thanks to the kid-safe (phthalate-free) coated cotton. It has a handle attached for easy carrying and transport. This is a great feature as I can imagine myself quickly grabbing the cushion and bringing it on a trip, to a restaurant or just to a friend’s house so any of my kids would have a clean, comfortable and safe seat instantly. The soft body makes it far easier to transport or pack than other seats.

Any parent of a toddler is all too familiar with the overly independent yet extremely stubborn attitude that encompasses toddlerhood. People are always asking me if my daughter is experiencing her “terrible two’s” as she certainly does not keep this behavior behind closed doors! In response, I remind myself that she is not even two yet and her behavior really is not “terrible”. My sweet little girl is learning her way in the world and she is trying out new skills that she sees others doing with ease around her every day. While I do get frustrated at her constantly shouting, “NO WAY” and swatting away my hand to avoid help, it is impressive watching a little one grow and develop! One particularly heated location in our house is the table. The high chair became a thing of the past by the time she was 13 months old, and getting my daughter to sit in the booster seat when her siblings are on regular chairs is tricky! I was thrilled when I came home to a Luv Chicken Booster Cushion.
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The Luv Chicken Booster Cushion is a great addition to any household with young children. Its versatility, comfort, stylish design appeals to both kids and adults. The easily cleanable material makes it a winner at any table or on the ground for all kinds of activates. Maybe one day Luv Chicken will be able to apply this innovative thinking to a new sector and create a safe, easy to use and clean car seat!
My older kids enjoyed the seat even more than my little daughter. At 4 and 6, they are entirely within the recommended age range. My four year old loves to do all kinds of crafts and is constantly struggling with reaching the table. She sits on her knees and has ruined many seat cushions with her art materials. Sitting on the Luv Chicken booster while doing beads provided her with the perfect amount of height and comfort that she needed to focus on her project. The seat was a huge hit on the floor as well and my son quickly showed us how great his new “reading seat” worked!

While my daughter is only 20 months old, she is capable of sitting on a regular chair without falling and did well sitting on the Luv Chicken Booster Cushion.

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