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lsd and weed reddit

I don’t have much experience tripping with LSD so take what I say with a grain of salt. My first time using LSD, I took a couple tabs but wasn’t feeling anything so tried coke then smoked a bowl as that was settling down. The acid started to really kick in around that people. I was at a Halloween party so it was fun, but also pretty disorienting. I was pretty in awe of things, kept hallucinating sensations, and was having a ton of déjà vu. It was a very dreamlike state and didn’t start to get more “psychedelic” until later on when the weed had worn off.

I like smoking during the come up, the peak, after the peak, after the trip has ended, and the day after. Not everyone does so I’d recommend starting slow to see how you feel. If you get more anxious, which is totally possible, I recommend having some nitrous on hand because it will kill the anxiety in addition to intensifying the visuals.
Or you could get a lot of weed and a lot of nitrous. Nitrous seems to smooth out the increasing intensification of anxiety/the trip from the weed very well. It’ll take you to new heights too.

On the come up it is nice since it helps reduce nausea and pre trip anxiety a little for me. Smoking on the peak is kinda fun too, but with both you just have to make sure not to overdo it. Use weed to enhance, not to overwhelm.
I once smoked a 2 gram joint in a 2.5 gram bowl time-bomb with 3 friends from a very nice bong on the come up of 4 WoW tabs. I don’t even remember 80% of that trip, but what I do remember is being completely blasted into space. Be very careful about smoking while tripping, especially while on the come up.
Me and some friends just dosed about 400ug which I have currently just finished experiencing and just wanted to know what the effects of smoking weed generally are for you guys. My trip was very messy and I had crazy feelings that I was forgetting what reality I was stuck in because I would just get so lost in like 7 different things and lose grip on what was real and what was my head. It’s been like this the past 2 times I’ve tripped (150-300ug and about 5 bong rips the first time and 400ug and 1 rip the second) just wondering if you guys had any thoughts as to the type of trip it leads too.
My most recent time tripping, I was probably about 4 weeks into a t-break. It was so much more clear. There was that feeling of being on a higher plane. My most recent time tripping was a step in the right direction, but I’d be interested in trying to have a more transformative and less of a “fun” time. I’ve also gotten a lot better at using cannabis as a psychedelic so it would be interesting incorporating that.
Smoking while I trip is a must. If I’m feeling anxious, weed will always chill me out. Even if it makes the visuals a little more wild that’s okay because I can deal with that no problem. It’s the anxiety and paranoia that can sometimes make me feel bad. And weed usually negates that.

Never should smoke on come up IMO.

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Take the full tab and smoke.

I usually smoke before during and after my peak. LSD and Weed is one of the best drug combos imo. It makes the trip more crazy while also grounding you amd calming you down at the same time. I rarely trip without smoking weed.
I dab constantly everyday so I guess I’m always smoking while I’m trippin.. dabbin always seems to help with the color Changes and visuals. Definitely ripping a fat one on your come down re sparks your trip and smoking on the come up helps ease the “muscle crawls” and what not

If you smoke on the peak, for the first time expect to be more nonfunctional than normal.
I havent tried smoking before dropping and i probably wont. So, somebody else might be able to give you advice, but my advice is smoking on the comedown first in order to see how the two compliment each other.
Hello all, I wanted to know when would be the best time to smoke in hopes of potentiating the effects of the LSD. Right after ingestion, at the peak, or the tail end? Also wondering if 50ug and smoking would be similar to 100ug or if I should just take a full tab and smoke? Any help is appreciated! Cheers
Now, if you are smoking on acid for the first time, try smoking on the comedown around 7 to 8 hours after dropping. What happens to me is the visuals make it seem like I have repeaked and the headapace becomes more active. It also puts me in the mood to do stoner shit, so watching a movie during the comedown after smoking is a fun thing to do.
For me, i was having more intense visuals smoking on the peak of 1 tab than when i was on 5 tabs.

P.S. Also if it matters I would be taking 1P_LSD

r/LSD: A kind, open-minded community dedicated to Lysergic Acid Diethylamide-25. NO sourcing! Please read all rules before posting! Images and …