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lollipopping cannabis plants

Lollipopping cannabis plants

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This grower stripped all the buds sites from the bottom of the plant while lollipopping, resulting in shortened colas. I’ve done this, too! His yield would have been bigger if he’d allowed those bud sites to continue further down on each stem!
I have had the best results lollipopping cannabis right before the switch to the flowering stage. Growers often don’t need to lollipop in the vegetative stage unless you haven’t trained your plant and it’s gotten very tall or out of control.

Growers call the technique “lollipopping” because you’re making the bottom bare like a lollipop stick 🙂 But keep in mind that removing too many bud sites can definitely hurt your yields!
Soon after the plant started making buds, the grower noticed the bottom buds weren’t getting any light, and as a result they weren’t getting bigger. In order to help the plant focus on the top buds, the grower removed all the lower bud sites and leaves (“lollipopped the plant”).
To prevent the problem with the plant above, avoid removing or damaging future bud sites whenever defoliating. It’s easy to accidentally damage bud sites when they’re just tiny pre-flowers like this one, so be extra careful when removing leaves!
Lollipopping a growing cannabis plant means to remove most growth from the bottom of the plant that aren’t getting light, while leaving untouched all the vegetation and bud sites at the top of the plant. This marijuana lollipopping tutorial will teach you how to increase your yields using this technique!
This plant was grown naturally and it looked like this right before it was put into the flowering stage. It is a perfect candidate for lollipopping.

“Lollipopping” means removing bottom growth (which isn’t getting light) so that plant focuses on bud sites at the top

Lollipopping Cannabis: How to Do It Right! Lollipopping a growing cannabis plant means to remove most growth from the bottom of the plant that aren’t getting light, while leaving untouched all

Lollipopping cannabis plants

take off a ton of leaf when they get about face -size first 1-3 weeks and when they block lower tops of plant, once more about 5-6 weeks. Cruise control, continue to support buds as they get heavier.

the varieties im running are all stretching til at least the 3rd week. i dont touch them until then, they are expending a lot of energy creating fiber and i just hate to stress them in anyway during that.
Just things to think about.
I’m anxious to hear how others make these choices, and ready to adjust my criteria.

do it all at once just as stretch peaks, plant is naturally stressed for a day or 2 but timing right before the buds really pack on flowers in 4-7 is a good time i think. healthy/stress-free first 3 weeks are the most important part in final yield.
grandaddyP thanks for the interest.
Your plants look great.
Congratulations on creating an ideal environment.
I am actively working on a fan leaves guideline.
Anything in the center gets thinned.
I think of big fans as the primary production engines of the plant, and for the most part should be preserved.
I may be entirely wrong about this, but if fans are not optimized organs then I would think they too should be removed early.
I think that about covers it for now.
Cap’s right, thin ‘lightly’ until week 2. One main cola is the way to go but experimenting with spacing and numbers is the obsticle. I’ve found plants 7″ apart is the best, turns into roughly 3 plants per sq ft. Also, healthy clones is the key to success.

Saving it all for one day can be a shock to the plants. It’s better to watch them everyday, and take a little here and a little there. Then the plants don’t ever skip a beat.

So, I like to lollipop my plants when putting them in flower to try and eliminate as much larf as possible…However, I haven't quite perfected my technique…