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list of all landrace strains

South America hasn’t been really the safest and most politically stable place on Earth, which is why going around the jungles and mountains looking for cannabis might be a little tricky.

Botanists believe that cannabis was first grown and domesticated in the Middle East several thousand years ago, mostly in the Hindu Kush area which is today on the borders of several countries.
Good examples of landrace strains are:

The Hindu Kush mountains are on the border of today’s Afghanistan, Pakistan, northmost India and Tajikistan.
Central American strains have been growing in popularity over the last several years as they are known to be durable in a multitude of weather conditions.
Those plants were later cloned and preserved, due to their extreme potency and good genetics, which is why cannabis fans named them heirloom strains.
Another two areas that became known for landrace strains but didn’t have many native strains were Hawaii and California.
Lately there was a lot of speculation that those sticks were heavily laced with opium, which isn’t inconceivable at all.

Here’s a list of landrace sativa strains characteristic to Asia:

Join us in exploring the truth behind landrace strains, and the role they play in cannabis strains we are using today.