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lions milk strain

Lions milk strain

Flowering Time In Days: 63

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This strain is actually a remix of Tiger’s Milk that came from Bodhi Seeds. It holds chocolate and fruity aromas in every inhale. There is some heavy potency in this strain so newer smokers take caution when using Lions Milk.
Flavors: fruity, pungent, and sweet.
Outdoor Finish: Select a outdoor finish.
Growing Difficulty: Moderate

Preferred Medium: Soil

Indica strain. Moderate difficulty to grow, average flowering days: 63, high yield.

Lion’s Milk Regular Seeds

Lion’s Milk Regular Seeds
Lion’s Milk Regular Seeds

Lion’s Milk Regular Seeds
Lion’s Milk Regular Seeds
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The Lion’s Milk strain is a hybrid strain both sativa as indica with THC levels around 19%. This strain has approximately 1% CBD. Lion’s Milk is geneticly corresponding with Appalachia and Pure Kush and the proportions are 60% indica and 40% sativa. Lion’s Milk will grow into a fine marijuana plant with a great yield. Growing Lion’s Milk seeds is fun and with the right info anyone can cultivate this cannabis plant, it has an average flowering time of 63 days.
Lion’s Milk Regular Seeds

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