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Lemon X Nitro is an herbal formula which gives energy. It is used at parties and festivals by those who want extra energy. The capsules have an improved formula and can also be used in combination with alcohol. Lemon X Nitro Ecstasy increases the release of adrenaline.

Warnings Lemon X Nitro Ecstasy
Not for persons under 18. Keep Lemon X capsules away from children. Do not combine with MAO inhibitors, medicines, stimulants or other psychoactive agents. Do not use Lemon X Nitro Ecstasy if you are pregnant or suffer from any of the following: heart problems, high / low blood pressure, depression, kidney disease, nervousness, thyroid disease or other physical and / or mental conditions. Check with your (family) doctor. Be careful with excessive use of alcohol.
Lemon X Nitro Ecstasy Effect
Lemon X Nitro produces feelings of euphoria and energy which starts to occur after about 45 minutes. The effects are better if the capsules are taken on an empty stomach. The effects may last for up to 8 hours.

The information on this page is not meant for treating or healing diseases. If you have complaints or a medical symptom, it is crucial to first consult your physician. When using medication, it is not advisable to use the food supplements. You still want to use them? Then at least consult your physician in advance.
Furthermore, smart drugs are not suitable for geriatric or psychiatric patients using antidepressants or any other MAO inhibitors. When using medication, it is essential to consult your physician. Ingestion in combination with MAO inhibitors or medication for asthma, is certainly irresponsible. In any case, carefully read the manual before using smart drugs.
Although smart drugs can induce a variety of experiences, these products are not suitable for everyone. With the below-mentioned diseases or symptoms, it is not allowed to use smart drugs:
Ingredients: Lemon X Nitro Ecstasy
Guarana extract, vitamins (niacin, ascorbic acid, Methylcobalamin), rice starch, ginger powder, chromium III chloride, gelatine (capsule), colouring (E102, E133, E171), flavour (lemon).
Content pack Lemon X: 4 capsules

Always ensure you do not exceed the recommended quantity. This to prevent an excessive dose. Our dietary supplements are not suitable for people under 18 years. As a minor, you should always take into account the age restriction. For women who are pregnant or are breastfeeding, it is forbidden to use our dietary supplements, because they can have unwanted effects on the (unborn) child.

Lemon X Nitro is a herbal formula giving an energy boost. Used at parties and festivals, for those who can use a bit of extra energy.