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Lemon Tree strain > Barneys Farm ▷ Feminized Marijuana Seeds | hybrid | THC content 15-20% | Yield XXL ✨ Buy cheap & anonymous ✔. Looking for Lemon Tree Seeds? Check these out now at Barney�s Farm and get free seeds with your order. Lemon Tree weed seeds give you skunky, lemony buds that stamp out stress in a flash. This cannabis strain is a toker’s delight with its well-balanced effects.

Lemon Tree strain

The Lemon Tree Strain is an award-winning combination of the American classics & oozing with high levels of delicious limonene and myrcene terpenes. This perfectly balanced, easy-to-grow hybrid offers significant yields and succulent, compact, light green buds with a heavy coating of trichome frosting that release fresh, citrusy lemon aromas. A true sensory pleasure to grow.

High yield in only 65-70 days

In indoor grows we advise low-stress methods, as this cannabis plant reaches a final height of about 90-100cm with yields up to 650g/m2 after a relatively short flowering period of only 65-70 days. Outdoors, with more time to grow, the Lemon Tree strain can reach up to 2 meters tall and produce up to 1.5 kg of weed per plant, ready by mid/late October.

The Lemon Tree strain – fine taste tufts on great effect

Taste the citrus and spicy aromas of Super Skunk and Diesel. Due to its high terpene content, this Lemon Tree strain is unbeatable in its effects, keeping you happy and cheerful whatever you do throughout the day.


LEMON TREE™ is an award-winning combination of the US classics Lemon Skunk & Sour Diesel oozing with deliciously high levels of Limonene and Myrcene.

This easy growing perfectly balanced 55% Indica hybrid, delivers significant yields of succulent compact frosty light-green buds laced with a thick coating of trichomes releasing fresh lemon citrusy aromas, a real sensory pleasure to grow.

Indoors utilising low stress techniques, this plant reaches final heights of around 90-100 cm, with an output of up to 650g/m2, after a relatively short flowering period of just 65-70 days.

Outdoors with longer time to evolve LEMON TREE™ can reach up to 2 metres and yield up to 1.5 kg per plant finishing from the middle to end of October.

Once cured savour the pungent super skunk and sour lemon aromas due to its high levels of terpenes, it’s refreshing sharp tangy lemon and diesel undertones make this strain incredibly unique, keeping you lifted and joyful whatever you do throughout the day.

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Lemon Tree cannabis seeds are sold strictly for souvenirs, storage and genetic preservation.

LEMON TREE™ Cannabis Seeds Strain Specifications

LEMON TREE™ Cannabis Seeds Lab Report

Exclusive access for adults only

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Lemon Tree Feminized

If you’re a novice cannabis gardeners looking for a straightforward grow that will also provide bountiful yields, you’ve come to the right page.

Lemon Tree Fem is the offspring of the mouthwatering Lemon Skunk and the legendary Sour Diesel, bringing a 50/50 Sativa/Indica blend to the table with up to 23% THC. Its flavor profile is exceptionally likable despite being on the sharp side, with sweet lemony and piney notes coming through.

Typical of hybrid varieties, Lemon Tree hits both the mind and body with unexpected potency that will overwhelm newer users. It will keep you focused and feeling positive for hours on end. As the cerebral high continues to soar, the bud’s relaxing physical buzz will kick in but won’t immobilize in low to moderate dosages. This combination of effects makes the strain effective in easing depression, chronic pain, and everyday stresses.


Lemon Tree Fem is an easy-to-cultivate cannabis that matures between 76 to 203 cm (2.5 to 6.6 ft). You can grow it in soil or hydroponics, depending on what you want to achieve. The use of a high-quality soil mix abundant in organic and mineral components increases terpene production, resulting in richer and more complex aroma and flavors. If you’re a terp hunter or concentrate maker, this is the route you ought to go. On the other hand, a hydroponic system allows easier nutrient management. Many cannabis cultivators use the hydro method to maximize yields and speed up the plants’ growth.

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Once you’ve started growing with your preferred medium, do not forget to regularly check its pH level to ensure optimal nutrient absorption. It must be between 6.0 to 7.0 for soil and 5.5 to 6.5 for hydroponic systems.

Flowering Time

Lemon Tree Fem flowers for 7 to 9 weeks, producing lemon-lime colored buds with pumpkin-orange pistils and snowy white trichomes. We recommend flushing the last few days or two weeks of this phase to draw out the excess nutrients, which will eventually give the crop a chemical taste if not eliminated.


Indoor space can be an issue since Lemon Tree Fem can reach over 6 ft. To prevent the plant from outgrowing the garden area, keep in mind that it doubles in height during the flowering period, so switch to the 12/12 cycle before it grows too big. Also set the temperature between 68 and 80°F (20 to 26°F) and provide moderate feedings. If this strain is provided a favorable, climate-controlled environment to develop and bear fruit, you can expect production of around 350 to 500 grams per square meter.


Lemon Tree Fem flourishes and produces up to 500 grams per plant when grown under constant sun in places with mild and warm climates. We also recommend starting with healthy soils, feeding with compost teas, and top-dressing with varied nutrients throughout its growth for best results. Because cultivating outdoors allows the cannabis to stretch as much as possible, installing a trellis as support for the branches may prove useful. By October, growers in the northern hemisphere can start harvesting.

Medical Application

Medical marijuana users plagued by health concerns, including chronic pain and lack of appetite, will significantly benefit from Lemon Tree Fem’s flowers. However, where the strain truly shines is in relieving depression and stress from people who tend to overthink and worry, so they can enjoy the high without the weighed-down feeling. The buds also leave users with mental clarity, better focus, and enough calm, helping those with ADHD/ADD.

Adverse Reactions

As with many THC-rich strains, many users report experiencing dry eyes and cottonmouth with Lemon Tree Fem. These arid discomforts can be reduced or prevented by keeping the dosage low and staying well-hydrated. You may also avoid more concerning side effects such as lightheadedness, headaches, and heightened anxiety by enjoying the bud in moderation.

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The high of Lemon Tree Fem is swift and uplifting. It also comes with plenty of cerebral stimulation that inspires creativity and improves focus. Under this bud’s influence, artists can break through idea-stagnation and concentrate on projects that need their full attention.

Moreover, because Lemon Tree Fem is an equal hybrid, users can expect a relaxing body buzz to round out the uptick in the mood. It doesn’t typically couch-lock, allowing you to function and work on non-toiling activities. Light the bud up around the afternoon, so you have enough time to enjoy the high and its benefits.


One of the things cannabis enthusiasts love about Lemon Tree Fem is its fantastic aroma. Its flowers have strong lemon and pine notes, quickly bringing to mind the smell of a popular all-purpose household cleaner.


Thankfully, the strain tastes incredibly wonderful and not disinfectant-like. It has robust flavors of lemon and pine shine through with sweet notes finishing it off.

Similar Strains

Looking for other strains that will satisfy your citrus cravings and the need to fly high? We’ve got three other strains that can surely deliver.

Lemon OG Fem is an equal hybrid that uplifts the mind and sparks creativity. Its up to 24% THC load can also increase appetite, reduce stress, and fight off insomnia. Perfect for outdoor cultivation in warm places, the cannabis can share up to 992 grams per sun-grown-plant.

Similar but on the energizing side, Lemon Pie Reg lets your imagination run wild and your body able to express the whims of the mind. You can enjoy the bud while its up to 22% THC promotes a healthy appetite and reduce stress levels. If left outdoors to bask in the sun, this cannabis can provide up to 600 grams per plant.

On the other hand, Sour Lemon Fem serves as an excellent social lubricant. It is also cerebrally stimulating and enlivening yet modest enough for users with low to moderate tolerance because of its modest 15 to 17% THC content. You can grow this cannabis plant indoors or out and achieve around 350 grams.

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