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legal highs amazon

“We act quickly to remove any items that contravene our guidelines and take appropriate action with the seller in question.”

Maryon Stewart, whose daughter Hester, a medical student, died after taking the party drug GBL, wrote to Amazon last month asking it to withdraw the products. She has had no response from the company.
“We all know these products are not safe and people taking them are playing Russian roulette with their lives and mental well-being.”

“Amazon is a trusted brand and if it is selling something, it is likely to mislead young people into believing it’s safe.
She told the Daily Mail: “It is utterly irresponsible that Amazon is selling this stuff and tantamount to an endorsement.
A spokesman for Amazon said: “All sellers on Amazon Marketplace must adhere to our guidelines in relation to the products that they make available for sale on our web site, and we use a variety of methods to ensure compliance.
The disclaimer says the herb is a “herbal incense for the home” but customer reviews point to it its use as a drug.
Salvia, a species of sage that is also a powerful hallucinogenic herb, is being sold on the online shopping site by a firm called John Strong supplies. The company cites press articles describing the herb as “more powerful than LSD, and legal”.

Drug experts have warned salvia can trigger psychotic episodes.

Amazon Is Selling Bongs, Nitrous Oxide, And Deadly Hallucinogenic Drugs Although other online shopping sites such as eBay do not allow legal highs or drugs equipment to be sold on its site,

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