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Lastly, mids are the future for all of us. Cannabis legalization leads to rapid industrialization and price declines as steep as 90%. As more and more large-scale cannabis farms come online, cannabis markups are normalizing.

California’s market is so competitive and advanced, what locals call “mids” will get most tourists zonked out of their gourds. Mids are perfect for out-of-state visitors who want to sample the local grass, but don’t want to make a panicked call to Poison Control. They’re perfect for older baby boomers getting back into cannabis, or for nervous nellies, and other dabblers.
That means the end of the standard $60 eighth price point from 2005. It means the rise of a spectrum of prices, from $50 ounces now common in Washington and Oregon, to high-end extracts that go for $100 per gram like it’s caviar.

Legalization Proposition 64 has kicked in. The billion-dollar cannabis market is transitioning and in turmoil. Supplies are down. Demand is up. Eighth-ounces of flower have been spotted cresting $93 in San Francisco—double pre-legalization prices. Regular shoppers are frustrated. New consumers are shocked.
Buying one does not take dollars away from the other. It’s not a zero sum game.
Go on social media and you’ll see rappers and aficionados bragging that #wedontsmokethesame. Really? Sure, you could drink only Macallen 72 Years Old for every occasion, but you’d be that guy. Sometimes, a cheap lager is most appropriate.
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We’re finding disappointing, weak-smelling, outdoor-grown cannabis with a trendy name like Lemon Tree going for $70 per eighth. By contrast, the same club, SPARC in San Francisco, had amazing store-brand Pineapple at $35.

“Mids don’t get me high,” some say, proud of their high tolerance. But how cool is a high tolerance? Tolerance just means you’ve downregulated your brain’s cannabinoid receptors, so you need more THC to get the same effect. Congratulations, you just made enjoying being high more expensive.

The cost of California cannabis is too dang high, so we’re doing something drastic—we’re smoking ‘mids.'