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led space bucket

Led space bucket

It’s better to go from veg to bloom a little too early than waiting too long. That’s because you need to keep your plants on the smaller side if you want them to survive until they’re fully mature. Cannabis can stretch by up to 200% once the light schedule is switched to 12/12 to force bloom. You should also choose indica strains over sativas and use a variety of training techniques to keep your plant’s size in check.

Remember that increasing the size of your space bucket will almost always mean adding more lights. Don’t go too tall. If you do, you can obviously grow a taller plant, but the light won’t reach far enough into the canopy to increase the yield. Instead, you could end up with a lot of fluffy popco rn buds instead of big, heavy nuggets.
4. Once everything is covered, cut through the tape and Mylar with a razor blade to re-open the fan cutouts.

You can purchase a pre-made space bucket, but the whole idea behind this concept is to do it yourself. Here’s how you make a basic, starter space bucket.
8. Insert each screw through a washer, then through the bucket lid, through the top of the LED light. Tighten with a nut.
3. Feed and water as needed until harvest. On average, you can harvest about an ounce (28g) per grow from this type of setup.
5. Use the rotary tool to cut on the L-shaped mark to form a 6mm channel.
1. Drill 4 holes in the bottom section of the space bucket. They should be 4cm from the top rim and spaced evenly apart.

3. Use the paper as a template to transfer the positions to the bucket lid.

A space bucket is a fun but challenging way to grow weed in the smallest space imaginable, and at a very low cost. Find out how to do it.