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leafly zkittles

Leafly zkittles

You can pick up this amazing strain at Urban Greenhouse; and at the smoking deal of $50 an eighth. This is one of their signature top shelf strains, and with the punch it packs I think the price definitely suits the effects that one would expect from such a strain.

The nugs are light green, purple in some areas, along with a nice white haze around the entirety of the nug; accenting that with some nice tropical orange hairs about. It’s definitely a beautiful bud to admire, big and chunky to where it ends up grinding down to more than meets the eye.
As I start my review, allow me to say how much I like all of you. There’s a certain something in you that I like, I just can’t put my finger on it right now. Maybe it’ll come to me later. Anyway, I appreciate you all taking the time to read this and see my thoughts on Weedly Phoenix’ strain of the month from Urban Greenhouse Dispensary.

My blunt smoked perfectly and complimented the herb, as I could literally taste those citrus Limonene terpenes,and the smell was fantastic.
Terpenes: Mainly Citrus (Limonene)
Feeling no pain, I immediately got to writing and the ideas were popping off the page at this point, unfortunately I’m having to combat the dreaded cottonmouth that it brings, but that’s okay, because I had a handy soft drink available. You know, that one that’s clear, in a green bottle, with the lemons and limes on it? I can’t for the life of me remember the name… that’s that Sativa haze associated with the strain, right? Maybe it’ll come to me later, I just keep smoking 😀
The smell is that of strong citrus tones, lemons and limes of course given its moniker, but rest assured, fruity.
Zprite is a Zkittles flower cross Sativa dominant 60/40 hybrid signature strain grown by Urban Greenhouse Dispensary here in Phoenix, Arizona.

We’re talking about a strain that is growing in popularity and so therefore it’s starting to being grown all over, but the information is a little scarce. Maybe this will help?

Leafly zkittles Zprite Strain Review & 20% Off Coupon Obey This Review. Get Some Zprite in Ya Life! Sativa Dominant Hybrid w/ Strong Citris Flavors & Aromas Reviewed