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leafly blue haze

Leafly blue haze

It would definitely be interesting to see how this strain’s terpene profile stacks up against those of the Blueberry and Blue Dream strains. As suggested by the True Blue strain’s aroma, and its name for that matter, patients can often expect a slightly sweet berry taste when vaporizing it.

In my experience, medicating with the True Blue strain can be incredibly relaxing. It often causes a noticeable body buzz without fogging my mind. In fact, I find myself to think creatively with no regard for unnecessary stress.
With that said, I came to the realization that I was slowly losing energy around 2.5 hours after medicating with this strain. It became so overwhelming at one point that I considered taking a mid-day nap. However, I simply packed another bowl and my energy was restored in no time.

“Medicating with the True Blue strain can be incredibly relaxing. It often causes a noticeable body buzz without fogging my mind…”

Working behind the scenes with breeders and lab-testing facilities, Medical Jane hopes to document the precise differences between each strain. More importantly, what does it all mean for medical marijuana patients?
The first thing that comes to mind about the True Blue strain is its light, refreshing scent. This batch in particular packed a floral, berry aroma that was highlighted by somewhat of a Haze-like frostiness.
Regardless, seeing as the Blue Dream strain was the result of crossing Blueberry and Super Silver Haze, the True Blue strain is sure to have a great deal of Blueberry influence either way.
Still, our experiences with the True Blue strain leads us to believe that it is an incredibly floral version of the Blueberry strain. We believe that breeders used selective breeding techniques to bring out more of the floral, Sativa influence within Blueberry’s genetics.

As mentioned, it is often suggested that the True Blue strain stems from an inbred hybridization project from a popular breeder that goes by the name of DJ Short. Additionally, the Blue Dream strain has been mentioned as a possible parent for True Blue, probably because it looks, smells, and tastes a lot like most popular Blue Dream phenotypes.

The True Blue Strain Has Obvious Blueberry Influence