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laughing weed

THC content: 19%
Flowering Cycle: 10-12 weeks
Average Yield: 2-4 ounces per square foot
2. Laughing Buddha
The name Laughing Buddha says it all. This strain is a High Times Cannabis Cup champion from the 2003 pure Sativa line up. It’s a cross between Jamaica and Thai weed strains which resulted in a happy uplifting and even energetic boosted feeling after consumption. If you like the traditional pungent smell of weed than this one is for you with a tiny hint of spice taste.
4. Black Diamond
This indica dominant strain provides a soothing feeling of relaxation that is perfect for when there’s work to do as it keeps your head clear. Its smell is berry, and its aroma is that of caramel and blackberry which was passed down from both of its parent weed strains DiamondOG and Blackberry.
9. Euphoria
Euphoria was created in 2000 from combining Skunk strains that resulted in a strain that smells incredibly sweet compared to its parents. Its aroma and flavor are described as pine, sweet, and woody.
10 Weed strains that will make you giggle
THC content: 23%
Flowering Cycle: 7-9 weeks
Average Yield: 1-3 ounces per square foot
If you smoke marijuana than you know that it can send you into a fit of uncontrollable giggles, energize you, sedate you, and even make you hungry. The thing is that not all weed strains are created equally, so the majority of those listed side effects are not exactly consistent across various cannabis products. Laughter is based on the social aspect of conversation and is very rarely induced by something funny. Scientists and researchers firmly believe that humans laughing predates any other form of language that we are aware of. It is a happy sensation that triggers the release of chemicals that stimulate the brain. Though we seem to know a lot about why laughter might exist (as an ancient form of communication), we aren’t sure why some marijuana strains are more likely to induce a fit of giggles instead of a slumber. So far there are a few theories that are believed to impact how different weed strains will interact with an individual.
The human brain utilizes mirror neurons which are the transmitters that are responsible for our uncontrollable mimicking behaviours. They are the reason why when someone laughs or yawns we can’t help but do the very same thing. Even if you don’t succumb to a smile or a yawn, the mere act of watching someone else go through such a satisfying experience is enough to make anyone who watches feel a similar sensation as they would have had the completed the act themselves.
Increased blood flow
When a person consumes marijuana, it will increase the blood flow to the left temporal and right frontal portions of the user’s brain. Those same areas are thought to be responsible for laughter though the correlation is still highly misunderstood.
If you smoke marijuana than you know that it can send you into a fit of uncontrollable giggles, energize you, sedate you, and even make you hungry.
You will have dry mouth and dry eyes, very common side effects due to high THC content. And aside from these negative effects, you may also experience restlessness, headaches and slight paranoia especially when you take this strain for the first time.
Pennywise’s high CBD content makes it an effective treatment for depression. It can also block out pain so you can focus on important things in your life minus any psychoactive effects. But a warning for users. You must consume this strain moderately to avoid its side effects.
Over the years, growing marijuana seeds has been useful to a number of physical and mental conditions. It has been used as a natural treatment for depression, stress, and anxiety. Cannabis is known to naturally enhance mood which is why it’s used for depression relief.
ACDC is another classic CBD strain used to conquer social anxiety. ACDC comes with a cannabinoid profile that can vary from one phenotype to another with experts saying that it comes with 20 times more CBD than THC.
You can use this strain for the relief of all kinds of pain, mental and physical fatigue. This is your strain despite having a very stressful day, you can continue with your work and even work on creative tasks when you’re under the influence of this fantastic strain.
MediHaze is a sativa hybrid strain with a balanced CBD and THC content. This is the ideal choice for the relief of depression minus any psychoactive effects of THC. It is used as a daytime strain with uplifting and energizing effects.
He may also advise some treatments like one-on-one therapy, group treatments and focus therapy to help you deal with your symptoms. You may also be admitted to a hospital or care facility if your doctor finds you unfit to remain at home or you pose as a threat to the safety of others.
This is a popular strain for the relief of anxiety and depression. Granddaddy Purple can put an end to insomnia so you can get to sleep. Granddaddy Purple can boost appetite due to a medical condition or treatment.
Always buy weed from legal dispensaries and from shops that have guarantees on their products. High-quality weed will give you a good high.
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