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las vegas weed prices

Las vegas weed prices

By Chris Kudialis

Speaking to a crowd of more than 100 at the Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Association’s monthly luncheon, Acres Cannabis CEO John Mueller said price reductions could come as early as next year when up to 42 additional state dispensary licenses are issued for new pot stores to open across the state.
But as the industry expands to include more dispensaries and cultivation facilities, Mueller said more pot supply will force shops to compete for customers. Nevada has less than one-eighth the number of open dispensaries in both Oregon and Colorado, and costly lab testing standards for those states are not as stringent as they are here.

A customer buys marijuana at the Essence cannabis dispensary in Las Vegas, July 1, 2017.
Both Mueller and Jacobs said they expect access to the industry — for both consumers and business owners — to become easier in the next few years if and when the federal government removes the plant from its list of Schedule 1 illegal drugs. Mueller said consumer recognition of brands, similar to a beer drinker ordering “Michelob or Bud Lite,” will also grow, reducing customers’ need to rely on budtenders for marijuana advice.
Marijuana prices in Nevada could soon decrease to fall in line with those in more affordable marijuana legal states like Oregon and Colorado, a leader in Nevada’s marijuana industry said Thursday.
A gram of marijuana flower normally costs $12 to $20 at dispensaries across Nevada — the same quantity of pot can be purchased legally in Portland and Denver for $6 to $10. An eighth ounce of flower, priced at $35 to $70 in Nevada, runs from $17 to $50 in Oregon and Colorado’s largest cities.
High supply of pot, thanks to hundreds of cultivation facilities, has played a role in the overproduction and waste of the plant in other states, he added.

Fri, Sep 14, 2018 (2 a.m.)

Nevada’s comparatively high pot prices are due to costs paid by dispensaries to state-mandated testing labs and a tax on the plant as high as 38 percent in some cities by …

I dont mind taking a 30 min uber to a place outside the city if someone can recommend a place.

Strip vs non-strip vs right outside of town are basically all the same prices, $12-$17 a gram, with some deals and specials at various places.
The legal Vegas market is just expensive in general. Not really too much to do with the tourist market but more to do with the restrictions on production licenses. Not as much competition creates a tight supply for the large tourist demand.

Or is it just how expensive weed is in the USA.(ie avg price that I have seen on strip at $54ish USD for 1/8)
The dispensaries off the strip do have better prices and selection but that’s only in comparison to the strip. You’ll have to go black market if you want anything close to what you pay back home.
I’ll go to Medezin whenever they have 50% off flower, or to Essence as they have select $25 eights based on the day I think.
This. Essence for Facility flower that is pretty good. Medizin for almost-always great flower, sometimes at 50% off. I also like Blackjack near the strip for their medical deals. Can usually get a 1/4 for about $60 plus tax. ShowGrow also has some 1/4s for 18th prices sometimes, but if its FloraVegas its really hit or miss. Vegas is expensive for flower, but if you look there is a sale somewhere pretty much every day. I almost never pay more than $35 an 1/8th, and usually $25 if I’m stocking up.
Hey Im coming in from Canada where you can get quality medical grade bud from 180-220CAD/oz(140/150ish USD)

i wish prices would go down to pre rec prices for medical. they seem to have gone up for summer this year for some reason. wonder what that is about.

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