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jesus og kush seeds

Jesus og kush seeds
For those who have the luxury of growing this plant outdoors, a warm climate is its best environment. The flowering time occurs between September and October with each plant producing up to 500 grams of buds.
by Bonza · Published December 23, 2017 · Updated January 29, 2020
Cultivate it indoors or outdoors; growers will find Jesus OG a joy. Unfortunately, it may not be that easy to grow. That is not to say that first-time growers cannot cultivate it successfully though.
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Of the many medical cannabis users who have used Jesus OG, the top benefit it provides is in casting away stress. People with depression and related conditions also find it useful as an aid in enhancing their mood.
It took a long time for TGA Subcool Seeds to develop Jesus OG. First, they had to spend at least two years preparing a suitable female Kush. Eventually, they decided on a cut of Hell’s Angel OG. They then used it to cross with a male Jack the Ripper (Jacks Cleaner x Space Queen).
At this point, the uplifting sensation is so intense that bliss and happiness is the only thing that one feels. Mentally, it clears the head and heightens the senses of users. It is also not uncommon for thoughts and ideas to come fleeting into the mind. Some people describe this experience as being conducive to intellectual thoughts.
The amount used determines exactly how one wants to experience the effects of Jesus OG. Understand that the amount of THC is not constant. Even at its lowest, this strain is still very potent. At best, it is insane.
The strain delivers an energetic boost. It is this invigorating high that keeps users active and motivated. Used for this purpose, it helps people fight off fatigue.
Jesus OG is a Sativa dominant strain that is famous for its heavy-hitting cerebral effects which make the user feel like flying to the heavens.