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jamaican d

Jamaican d

I say this only to let those like me to beware the chicken. Sometimes you may get burned! However, the rest of the platter was much less painful to consume. If you like spices, they now sell their famous jerk sauce in bottles! Scotch bonnet peppers galore!

“Medium” platter. Does a large feed an army??
Location: On Montgomery Street near Broad St; second location on 17th Street below Spring Garden

Options that work for me are the Fried Whiting fish, Brown Stew Chicken, and BBQ chicken wings. They have platters where you can get sides too for just a couple dollars extra. I love the plantains, sweet potatoes, cornbread, rice and beans, and mac & cheese.
Small platter – Sweet & Spicy chicken
Pay: Cash or Credit
16 Thursday Nov 2017

Phone: 215-668-5909

My relationship with Jamaican D's began back in 2010, when I worked on the Community College of Philadelphia campus and one of their trucks was parked right outside the building I worked in. I captured my thoughts on this food truck on my yelp page, in this harrowing account about some chicken wings I tried:…