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jade kush height

Jade kush height

Sometimes you have to just hang on and do what you can. The grower didn’t switch these plants to the flowering stage until after they were more than half the final desired height.

250W HPS grow lights are kept about 12″ away from the tops of plants. A great mid-size light that doesn’t get too hot or use a whole lot of electricity.
It’s Okay to Harvest Some Buds Early

Grow Space
This grower lost track of time and now his plant is huge, even though it’s still in the vegetative stage. If he switches to the flowering stage now, the plant may double in height or more, which would make it taller than the room! If bending doesn’t work to shorten the plant, the grower might consider cutting off some height from each stem before switching to 12/12.
CFLs can be kept inches from tops of cannabis plants as long as it’s not too hot. They are the best choice if you have a very limited amount of height.
These plants outgrew their 5′ grow tent, so the grower moved the plants into the room and constructed a barrier around them with white poster board. Although this is not a long-term solution (poster board is hard to clean, is tough to make light-proof and goes bad if it gets wet), it has okay overall reflection, it’s cheap, and most importantly it helped the grower get to harvest without burning the tops of their plants!
By just holding on and doing his best, the grower was able to produce an amazing harvest!

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Focus on bending plants so they grow flat and wide. You want to “fill in” the entire grow space to maximize your yields indoors. Learn about low-stress training and supercropping your cannabis plants.

Help! My Plants Are Growing Too Tall If your cannabis plants get too tall for your grow space, you’re not alone; it’s a really common problem for indoor growers. A cannabis plant’s ability to

Jade kush height

Sometimes you can gain some extra height if you get creative.

If you need help with a marijuana plant that’s too tall, this article will teach you what to do!
High humidity is common with bigger plants. You want to keep it at 50% RH or lower in the flowering stage to reduce the chance of mold. Each leaf is constantly releasing water vapor into the air, so in addition to increasing the power of your exhaust or getting a dehumidifier, you might consider using defoliation to help reduce the humidity. Whenever removing leaves, try to stick to fan leaves that are in the middle/lower parts of the plant that aren’t getting light, or fan leaves that are preventing buds from getting light. Learn more about defoliation as well as controlling humidity.

315W LEC grow lights are kept about 18″ from the tops of plants. This style of grow light has recently become increasingly popular for marijuana growers.
Turn Down Light Intensity
When you have many unruly colas, simply try your best to bend over the tallest ones towards the edges of the grow space.
Move Tallest Plants to Edges of Grow Space
If the tallest parts of your plants are getting stressed by the grow lights, it helps to reduce the overall light intensity. If you have multiple grow lights, remove the ones that need the furthest distance from the tops of the plants. For example, LEDs typically need to be kept further away from your plants than an equivalent HPS. So, in the picture below, the grower could reduce light stress by turning off a few of the LEDs.

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Use the tallest grow space possible. Once you have at least 6-7′ of height, it becomes a lot easier to avoid letting your plants grow into the lights. How to choose the right grow space. I personally recommend new growers start with a grow tent, as it will give your plant the perfect environment for a relatively low cost!

Help! My Plants Are Growing Too Tall If your cannabis plants get too tall for your grow space, you’re not alone; it’s a really common problem for indoor growers. A cannabis plant’s ability to