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jack the ripper weed

When growing the seeds out, Subcool didn’t find many plants worth writing home about. Most were thin, spindly sativas and “mutants with whorled leaves.” There were, however, a few plants that developed normally and one phenotype stood out in a year’s time. It had an intense lemon flavor and the plant produced a major amount of resin.

Space Queen, which is a combination of Romulan and Cinderella-99, was crossed with Jacks Cleaner. It makes sense that Subcool would start with his popular Jacks Cleaner strain, it had proven itself and no male existed. According to him, the purpose was to find the best male possible to cross with his Jacks Cleaner and get as close to it as possible. Surely, he wished that he kept one of the original males.
The Jack The Ripper strain is one I’ve had my eye on for some time now, and when I saw it at HTC in North Hollywood I didn’t hesitate to make a donation. As far as genetics go, JTR is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that stems from Jacks Cleaner and Space Queen .

“I quickly came to love Jack The Ripper as a mid-day strain for its ability to keep me motivated and full of energy.”

“It reminded me of a house hold cleaner named ‘Mr Clean.’ So I named it ‘The Cleaner.’” — Subcool, TGA Genetics

The Jack The Ripper strain often has high levels of tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV). That might be the reason JTR seems so potent. Strains high in THCV, like Durban Poison, often have a fast-acting psychadelic effect that connoisseurs love.
With that being said, one of the results of his blunder was the birth of the Jack The Ripper strain, which makes everything worth it. The batch I came across had a beautiful bud structure, and the Sativa influence was obvious. There was a distinct “fox-tail effect” going on, with the flowers stretching to get as much light as possible.
When I opened the jar, I expected the frosty aroma I associate with the Jack Herer strain, since there is some much of its influence in Jack The Ripper. While that was there too, the scent of tropical fruits (a mix of lemon, mango, and pineapple) was more noticeable. The fruitiness carried over to the taste as well.

When I packed some into the Vapir Rise with the balloon attachment the first bag was nothing but tart, tropical terpenes. As I raised the temperature slightly I noticed there was a bit more of a woodsy taste that reminded me of the Romulan in its genetics. I quickly felt extremely energized, which is always one of the ways I judge the potency of most Sativa strains.

The Story Of TGA Genetics’ Jacks Cleaner StrainThe Jack The Ripper strain is one I’ve had my eye on for some time now, and when I saw it at HTC …